Our Weekend

This weekend was a nice family fun filled weekend.  Saturday I watch Max's friend, H, for a few hours. While the boys played Emma girl went down for a nap.  She woke up having the best hair day for a 1 year old.  

She has 4 teeth coming in, and she chews on her paci like a boss.  Little does she know we'll be getting rid of her paci soon....we just have to find all the lost ones in the house. 

We did a quick Valentine's Day activity.  Max's and Emma's were their handprint, and H's was his handprint with a Valentine's Day poem for his mommy and daddy.  ( If you want to make a heart in the center of your kiddos handprint: first, put paint on their hand.  second, put a heart that you cut out of paper right in the center of their hand. third, place their hand down on the paper and give it a little push down to make sure all their little fingers will show up. Tada! A cute little heart will be in their handprint.  This works for all holidays.

Sunday we went to the U District to have lunch at The Ram.  If you are ever in Seattle I highly recommend eating there.  Ian had the Santa Fe burger, and it was insanely good.  He also a beer called Buttface....something.  There's more to the name, but I can only remember the best part.  I had tossed Cobb salad, and it was pretty good.  Max and Emma shared the mini corn dogs, and they both don't like the breading on the corn dogs.  Weirdos.  That's the best part!  I asked Max to smile at me so I could take his picture and he gave me this face.

I asked Emma to smile and she proudly held her apple juice in one hand to show it off.  I had a flash forward of her being 21 (or much older) and holding a drink in each hand smiling for a picture.  Yikes. 

After lunch we walked around.  They have trees lining the walkway and every tree Emma saw she was shriek with excitement, run to it, and give it a side bump.  Every tree.  The very last one she saw she actually hugged it.  I guess our girl likes trees. 

Before going home for the evening we stopped at the park by our house to let the kiddos run around.  It had been raining most of the weekend and for a few hours stopped, so we took advantage and played soccer.  

We ended out night watching the Grammys.  It was the longest show ever.  I don't even think we watched it to the very end.  I found them boring.  The one performance I loved and went all heart eye emoji on was Ed Sheeran singing Thinking Out Loud.   John Mayer was also in on that performance and I know he makes weird faces while he plays, but the guy can play his guitar so darn good.  

What did you think of the Grammys?  Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. 

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