Play Date Fun

Emma had her first playdate that was Maxless.  We took him to school, and then us girls went to the park to meet up with new friends.  When we first got to the park there were a group of preschoolers playing at the playground.  A couple of kiddos were surprised and exclaimed, "Look it's a baby!" One little boy matter of factly stated, "She's not a baby. She has teeth!" 

Emma swang her heart out. 

She road the tractor numerous times. 

She played in the little play house.

She was in awe of a tractor, and wasn't too pleased to see that she couldn't ride it. 

She also saw some animals, walked through puddles, and had a tantrum or two. One when the cat she was following jumped up on the flower box and she could no longer follow it. The tears.

Max and Emma got a Valentine's Day box with books and crafts from their Grandmom and Grandpa.  Who doesn't love Elmo and Curious George?

Max has his party in class today. I made his valentines to take and I thought they came out pretty cute! 

Both Emma and I are feeling under the weather.  She had a fever that started last night and had a rough night sleeping.  My head feels like it just might explode.  Nothing a lot of coffee won't fix.  Hope you are having a great week friends! 


  1. That darn cat haha! Hope you guys start feeling better! This cold/flu season is a rough one.


    1. Thanks! If only I could get Max and Emma to take a nap with me....