Here we are at the beginning of another month.  I have to say April 1st holds a place in my heart.  I met Ian on April Fools day back in 2006.  Little did I know that day would change my life.  Enough with the sappy talk.  Here's what I'm currently up to this month. (Eek my brother graduates from high school NEXT month!) Linking up with Anne and Jenna!

Wearing:  Marc Jacobs Daisy.  Ian got it for me for Christmas, and I love it.  It smells so good, and it's not a strong scent.  I wonder if there are candles of the scent, because I would buy them all up.

Sipping: Wine, wine and more wine! After completing Whole30, this is what I was most looking forward to having again.  Nothing taste better after a stressful day than a cold glass of wine.  Okay let's be real, at the end of every day.

Wishlisting: I really want to take the kiddos to Disneyland.  When Max sees commercials for "the happiest place on Earth", he always says he wants to go there.  He'll say "We must go there Mommy.  We must go to the happiest place on Earth."  I think we'll wait for Emma to be older before we plan that trip.  I want them both to enjoy it, and remember it.

Writing: I got an Emily Ley Simplified Journal for Christmas, and I love writing in it.  It has a place for "brain dump" writing, a section to write about how you feel for the day, thoughts, something that went well, and something that was challenging.   I love it.  Sometimes I'm not great at expressing how I'm feeling, so it's a great to be able to write it all down.

Exploring:  Anchorage!  We're going there for a hockey tournament that Ian's playing in, and I'm excited! We get to see friends we haven't seen since last June, and my in-laws are coming down to meet up with us. It should be a fun time!

Tell me what you are currently up to this month!


  1. My daughter always tells me that we need to go too. Although we are waiting until they are a little older. We are hoping to surprise them and my mother in law with a trip there in a couple of years.

    1. We want to wait until they're older as well. Emma's only 1 right now. I want her to enjoy it too.

  2. I love Marc Jacobs scents! And don't remind me about wine... I'm on day 1 of the Whole30 :) Thanks for linking up with us!