Today I'm linking up with Anne and Jenna to share what I'm currently up to this month.  Only fun stuff going on over here.  Fun with no wine, cheese or chocolate.  Yeah, I'm not sure how that's fun either.  Let me pretend okay?

Dreaming: of taking a vacation with just the husband.  This March it will be 3 years since we've done a weekend getaway just us.  This year it will happen.

Planning: our trip to NM in May for my brother's graduation!  I'm so excited to see all my family! May can't come fast enough!

Making: all my meals.  I'm on Day 4 of Whole30 and I've made 10 meals in my kitchen.

Baking: On March 24th there will be a cake baked for Ian.  A funfetti cake, because that's the birthday boy's favorite.  I know he, Max and Emma will eat the heck out of it.  I'll just watch from the sidelines.  Tear.

Watching: One Tree Hill.  I started from the beginning and I'm already on Season 9.  I'm a pro at binge watching.  A pro I tell you.  The show reminds me of when we lived in AZ.  I can be watching an episode and for awhile I feel like I'm back at our home and my friends are a quick drive away.  


  1. Where are you guys hoping to vacation???

    Yay for family time and milestone celebrations! Congrats to your brother!!!

    Way to go with the Whole30 plan!!! Keep cooking. :)

    Sorry you won't be able to dig into the cake...Those are one of my favorites!

    I vaguely remember One Tree Hill...Chad Michael Murray? Or, am I thinking of something else?

    Happy March to you!!!! :)

  2. Hi! No plans yet for a getaway, but the husband has always wanted to go to Napa. Yes! It's the show with CMM.

  3. Getting inspired by how many people are saying they're doing the Whole30 - I've been thinking about it, and this encourages me to give it a try. Hope it goes great for you!

    1. So far so good, but I could definitely have a bottle of wine right now. Haha!