Easter Decor

With holidays comes getting to decorate.  I don't go all out with decorations.  I do like to have a festive wreath, and decor for our kitchen table.  I always buy things from Target after the holiday when it's on clearance.  Yay for cute and cheap decorations! 

I got the table runner a couple years ago on clearance.  

I don't know where we got the basket, but today I spiced it up with some flowers that I got in the $1 bin section at Target.  The glittered eggs are from a couple years ago as well.  Emma spotted them, and loves taking them out of the basket.  She holds one in her hand and says, "Oh prettyyyyy!"

I added a few of the flowers to both festive wreaths. 

I was going to make a wreath for Easter, but I think I'll make one for Spring/Summer. 

Over on the ever so creative and inspiring Pinterest, I found a few decorations that look fun and easy to make.  This center piece is so pretty and would look lovely on any table. 

Who doesn't love art with buttons?  I am slightly obsessed with this, and need to actually try my hand at it.  I love the way it looks, and it's so cute.  

We decorated Max and Emma's bedroom door for Christmas, and they loved it!  I think we'll have to make their door festive for Easter! 

You know my love for holiday crafts.  This handprint bunny is too cute not to make!

As always you can find all the pins and more on my Easter Board.  Happy pinning and crafting!

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