Friday Family Fun

My In-laws are in town visiting, and the kiddos are eating up the attention.  Today we went to the Seattle Aquarium.  Last time we went Emma was just a baby and didn't fully appreciate the fun.  This time...She. Loved. It.  

The kiddos loved every minute of it, and these bubbles. 

Seahorses! I think they were my favorite to see.

Emma would say, "Yook, yook!" and fiercely point at the fish.  She
couldn't get enough, and would push her nose up to get a better look. 

Emma's almost 3 feet tall!

Max is almost 3.5 feet tall.

After all the fun at the Aquarium we walked over to Pikes Place Market.  Always a fun time.  I love that place.  We found a nice place to eat, and they had a pretty awesome salad bar.  This Whole30 thing is tough when you have visitors and you go out to eat.  I'm being strong though, and I'm going to pat myself on the back. 

Hope you have a great weekend!  I got Flat Stanley in the mail from my little cousin, and I'm So Excited! We'll be taking him on some adventures this weekend! 

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