Imagination Fun

Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum, and it was our first time going.  The kiddos had so much fun!  I think there will be many more trips there in our future.

Let's go put out a fire! 

Excuse me Sir, I need to get off the bus. 

Let's see how fast this bus can go!

Hello, I'm Max Vila. 

I love shopping!

Just pushing my cart, and getting what I need for dinner. 

Checking out. 

Oh captain, my captain, 

Family vacation here we come! 

My loves. 

We also went to the basketball state championship games down at the Tacoma Dome.  It was pretty fun!  Emma had the ipad so she was content.  Max loved watching the kids playing basketball, as did Ian.  Took him back to his playing days.   

Such a great weekend!  Tonight is the Sounders home opener.  Boom boom clap!! Hope your weekend has been great!!


  1. Was that the Children's Museum in Bellevue? It looks so fun!


    1. No, the one in Seattle. Future play date for sure!