Our Weekend

This weekend was a great one.  The kiddos got boxes of love from my Auntie in NM. It was super sweet and thoughtful.  I think they thought it was Christmas with all the goodies.  They have been working on their puzzles nonstop, which was a perfect start to our rainy Saturday morning.

My little sassy girl. 

Then the sun came out, so we went on a walk.  I love all the trees that are blooming. So. Beautiful. 

Max showing me the red leaf he found, and Emma showing me a rock she found.

Sunday we spent having fun celebrating Ian's birthday a couple days early.  His birthday is tomorrow, but he has to work all day because there is a soccer game.  We started our morning having breakfast at Storyville Coffee.  I liked the vibe there, and the workers were so nice.  Even though I thought it was going to be hard to stick to Whole30, I did it!  Ian had a yummy looking peppered egg sandwich on a pretzel bun, and the kiddos shared a waffle.  I had a delicious bowl of fruit.


Kiddos get free airplane cookies there, and they are super cute.  Max and Emma had fun playing with their cookie while eating it.  When it came time to leave and Emma still had half of her cookie, she wasn't happy that she had to put it in the bag and wait until we got home to eat it.  The tantrum she had...she's so dramatic.

After breakfast we made our way to Lucky Strike to have some fun!  Max is in heaven anytime we go there.  He has so much fun playing the race car games.  His highlight was definitely playing bubble hockey and air hockey.  

Our last stop before heading home to watch basketball was Trophy Cupcakes.  This place was the cutest cupcake place I've ever been to, and the cupcakes....oh man they look so good.  

You are looking at Samoas, Chocolate Guinness Stout, Strawberry Lemonade, Triple Chocolate, and S'More yummy goodness. I took a s/more cupcake and put it in the freezer until next week! Let me tell you though, they smell so good.

Week 3 fitness update:  All is well.  I'm excited for the final post next Monday and to see how the other ladies in the link up did with their goals. Since starting Whole30, I have to say I sleep so good at night.  I think eating better and cutting out coffee have helped in that area.  You can have coffee while doing Whole30, but I just chose to not have it for 30 days.  I think once the 30 days are up I will go back to drinking it, but definitely not as much as I was having each day! 

Did you all have a great weekend?  I hope so! 


  1. Those cupcakes look so good! I don't know what kind the ones drizzled in chocolate on the top are, but they look like some type of Samoa/coconut goodness and if so... drooling over here all over my keyboard. :)

    1. They are Samoa cupcakes! Samoas are Ian's favorite girl scout cookie.