I've been such a sentimental, mushy mess lately.  Take a walk down memory lane with me....

Look at those smiles.  This was taken at Savage Rock in Alaska.  This was my 
first trip to AK, and I'm oh so happy in the picture, because this was the day after Ian
 proposed to me.  My first trip to AK is one I will never forget.  If you've never been to
 AK, the summer time is beautiful (I think winter is more beautiful.), and you should
 definitely visit the beautiful state at least once in your lifetime. 

Max...oh my sweet boy.  He was 14 months in this picture.  We took him to all the 
Coyotes games, the first when he was only 4 weeks old.  He lived for hockey.  He 
would sit there,  watch, and be so happy.  I miss taking him to watch the Coyotes play.

Emma girl!  Our little burrito.  She was a ninja when wrapped up like a burrito 
and could always take out her arms.  I can't believe in May this girl will be TWO. 

Ian's birthday is Tuesday.  He has to work, and there's a soccer game that night as well.  The kiddos and I have a few surprises up our sleeves to make Sunday a special day for him.  I'm not sure if I can stick to Whole30, because the plans include some delicious treats.  Oh goodness, whatdoIdo? Whole22??  

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