How I wish I could type that this trip was awesome and full of fun.  Let me tell you it was full of snot, throw-up, tears and coughs.  Max and Emma woke up the day before we left for Alaska with colds.  When we got to AK you could tell that they both just weren't feeling well.   Max was full of complaints.  He didn't like where we were eating, he didn't like the pizza, he didn't like everything. The minute Emma was in her car seat she was crying, crying, crying. So much fun. 

There were moments of fun.  The weather was really nice while we were in Anchorage.  We took the kiddos to a park where they could run wild.  We took them swimming.  We went and watched Ian practice before the hockey tournament started.  I even got in a couple workouts while there, before I started feeling like crap. 

They were so excited when their cousins got into town.  There was more swimming, ice skating, and playing.  As bad as both kids were feeling, they tried their hardest to have fun.  That came to screeching halt for Max on Friday.  He had a stomach bug and was so sick.  I felt so bad for him.  Luckily it only lasted a day and no one else caught it.  

We were able to watch two of Ian's games, and it was fun.  We love watching him play hockey.  It was also pretty cool to watch him play with friends from his hometown.  We were able to visit with a couple, and I just love them.  I'm lucky to call them my friends as well.  

Sunday we were coming home and I had checked our flight the night before.  I thought we were leaving at 2:00.  I kept looking at our arrival time NOT our departure time and so when we realized this we only had 40 minutes to get to the airport.  We changed our flight for one at 10:35, but we managed to lock Ian's wallet in our suitcase and the rental car keys were misplaced.  We made it to the airport 3 minutes late to check our luggage.  2 missed flights, but we finally made it home. 

Turns out Emma has an ear infection.  Max is on the mend.  I still feel bad, and I think Ian may be getting sick.  As nice as it was to see family and friends,  I think this annual trip of Ian's will only be for him. 


Weekend Moments

I tell you life has been so busy! Our weekend was jam packed, and lots of fun...minus the traffic from the Tulip Festival, but other than that a weekend of fun was had by all.  

Friday- Max had t-ball practice.  This kid is just too cool.  He wears his hat crooked, not straight.  Ian also wears his hat like this sometimes.  Max always wants to be just like Daddy. 

Emma was killing me in her Adidas track suit.  

While Max was practicing, Emma wanted in on the fun! 

Saturday- Max's first t-ball game and the Tulip Festival took up our day.

Sunday- We  had a bowling birthday party, and Max had so much fun.  On our way home we stopped by a new park that we hadn't been to yet,.  It was gorgeous out.  The kiddos played, and we took a walk along the pier.  There was a lady throwing a ball into the water and her dog jimping in to get it.  Emma would squeal with excitement every time.  She loves dogs so much.  

Sometimes I feel like we need a weekend to recover from our weekend!  


Max's First T-ball Game

Saturday was Max's first t-ball game and it was 3 innings of cuteness overload!  Max was first to bat, and he did so great!  His team played at a park by his bff's house, and so he was able to come watch Max's game.  Max was so excited to see his friend. 

Max played First Base, Third Base and Pitcher.  It was seriously so adorable to watch these kids play. Some of them had no clue what they were doing, some were in LaLa Land, and a few were taking the game seriously.  One kid on Max's team got three outs, and they don't even keep track of outs, but he was good!  When it was over Max told Ian, "Well...the Peacocks won 5 to 3." Ian was laughing, because he didn't know where Max heard that, and they don't keep score.  It always ends in a tie or both teams are winners.  However you want to look at it.

Warming up, playing catch with a teammate. 

Waiting for the game to start! 

On first base ready to make a play.  Isn't his ready position so cute?

On pitcher's mound chasing down the ball. 

In ready position waiting for the kiddo to hit the ball. 

I can't wait for his next game!  Go Alligators! Chomp! 


Tulip Festival 2015

Saturday after Max's tball game Ian asked me, "Do you want to go to the Tulip Festival?" I excitedly answered, "YES!!!!!!!!!!" I've been wanting to go, and was going to attempt to make the trek up north when Max was on Spring Break, but it didn't happen.  I was excited!  We stopped by the house to get a change of shoes for Max who informed me, "I don't like festivals!" with a good pout to go with it.  Then I put his sock on wrong, and all went to crap in his world.  We get back into the car and hit the road by 11:30ish.  Not even 2 minutes into the drive Max is still pouting and Emma is now crying.  I kept telling myself, "We are going to have fun!"

To get there it took us THREE freaking hours.  It normally is a little over an hour, but the sun was shining, it was a Saturday, and everyone and their grandma wanted to see the Tulips. Max had to pee.  Thank goodness I had a Starbucks cup. Emma hated being in her car seat and kept saying she wanted to unbuckle.  We're all hangry, and at this point I'm thinking it's stupid and we need to just go home.  Ian kept saying, 'We came this far."  

We finally park and walk to get into another line to get into the festival.  I'm so over it already and we're not even in yet to see the flowers.  We also had made plans to hang out with friends at 7 on Saturday night, so by the time we actually got in and had something to eat we had 30 minutes to look at flowers because traffic going back was also a nightmare.  

The Tulips were beautiful.  So many colors.  We walked into the field and took some pictures, oohhed and awwwed and made our way back to the car.  Ian stopped to buy me tulips.  It took us another 3 hours to get home.  Traffic was stupid.  Max had to pee again.  Thank you Starbucks cup.  Emma hated her car seat and probably us by that point.  Thankfully Max was making her laugh and keeping her entertained.  

My dinner after all that.  Carrots, hummus, and a bottle of wine.  We can mark the Tulip Festival off our list, because I will never, ever do that again. Ever. 

Nothing says, "Take a picture of this sign!" like that orange cone. 

Ian posed them for this picture, and they liked it. 

Max was over taking pictures.

Max: "Another picture? It's just flowers!"

Tulip Festival 2015 (our first and last trip to see these beauties.)

The tulips making our kitchen table so pretty. 


Happy Friday!

We have sun!  I think it's suppose to be sunny for the next week!  You know what that means? Time will be spent outside and soaking in the sun rays.  Yesterday we went to the park by our house.  Emma had to bring her purse.  It's always good for bringing stuff home that you can't just carry in your hands.  Y'know, like wood chips, rocks, flowers...the usual. 

Max....oh this kid.  He has his Kindergarten Round-Up last night where he met the Kinder teachers and took a tour of the school. Beyond cute.  He was so excited!  September can't come soon enough for him.  For me, it can take it's time.  

Today we had him screened for his speech.  He says his Ls like a Y and his Rs like a W.  He had a lot of ear infections as a baby and had tubes put in his ears.  We didn't know if maybe he didn't hear well his first 1 1/2 years and that could have effected his speech.  The screen consisted of 3 sections.  One was fine motor skills.  The nice lady told him to gallop to me like a horse, and he neighed and galloped to me.  I couldn't stop laughing.  He got into character.  Another table he had to name the colors, shapes, count, etc.  She told him to count as high as he could.  When he got to 20, she told him he could stop, but he counted all the way to 100!. The last table checked his speech where the lady pointed to pictures, asked what it was, and what you do with it.  For example she pointed to a picture and he said thermometer.  She asked what it was for, and he said to check the temperature outside.  She asked what he does when he walks into a room and it's dark.  He said, "I plug in my night light. "  It was so cute listening to him answer her, and be so serious with his responses.  Good news is he passed all the the sections.  She wasn't worried about his Ls or Rs and said that it's something he'll master in Kinder.  I'm so proud of him! 

Ian bought Emma this Adidas outfit when she was just a little baby.  I put it on her today and giggled.  She looks like she's ready for track!  She kept saying, "Oohh pocket." 

She also needed a new swim suit, so we went  shopping for one.  Max wanted to get her one with the Little Mermaid, because "It's perfect Mommy!" They didn't have her size.  I held up 3 options for her, and this is the one she picked.  I put it on her when we got home, and she doesn't like it! We may have to take it back...almost 2 and already has such a strong opinion on what she wears.  

Tonight Max has tball, and his first game is tomorrow!  Be ready for pictures, because I can guarantee there will be many. 

Happy Friday friends!!


Blogs You Should Be Reading

I can't remember how I came across my very first blog....I think maybe one of my FB friends may have posted a link to one or something.  I don't know.  Since 2009 I've been hooked.  I ready so many blogs.  SO MANY.  I have a tab with Blogs I Love, that I update every once in a blue moon when I come across a blog that I heart eye emoji and want the person to post every day to keep my blog loving heart happy.  There are a handful of blogs that I read and I think I could totally be friends with the person.  If we ever have to move, I'm taking that into consideration.  "Oh you want to move to Florida, Ian?  Hmm...I think Grace lives there (come June-ish).  Let's do it!" I kid....kind of. 

Enough of my babbling.  On to the blogs that you should totally be reading and loving.

Nestfull......so Jena use to blog at Recently Roached, which I loved.  Her humor makes me laugh out loud, and all the nicknames or terms of endearment she has for her husband make me think calling Ian babe is so lame. This lady is so insanely amazing at DIY projects.  Go look at her DIY page on her blog, and come back here and tell me I'm right.  I know I am.  

Little Baby Garvin....another crafty lady.  Maybe I should have titled this Crafty Blogs You Should Be Reading.  I love reading about Jessica and her sweet family.  Her daughters are so adorable, and she always has them dressed so stylishly with matching hair accessories.  The breakfast pictures she posts of the pancakes she makes for them....my sad chocolate chip circles don't even compare.  Mom goals.  I will make an elephant pancake one day.  Until then, you should go check out her blog!  She's expecting baby girl #3!

Oakland Avenue....I recently came across this blog, and I literally spent a good hour reading her posts. (Thanks naptime, sorry neglected laundry)  Her posts are meaningful, thoughtful, heartfelt and some of them hit home.  It's always nice to read how other moms are feeling, because I can relate.  I may not blog about it myself, but it's great that someone is.  And you get to see pictures of her little cuties. 

Which blogs are your favorite to read?  Lord knows I could always use a few more to read! 


A big day for Max

Yesterday was a big day for Max.  Yesterday was a tough day for my mama heart.  Max is officially registered for Kindergarten.  He was so excited.  When we were leaving the office he stopped in the center of the hallway and turned in a circle looking around in awe.  I can only imagine how big his new school looks to him.  

Our conversation as we were leaving went something like this.....

Me: When school first starts that I'm going to park and walk you into class, but only for the first couple weeks until you're familiar with where you need to walk. 
Max: (With wide eyes)  I'll have to walk to my room by myself?
Me: I can walk you in as long as you wanted me to, whatever you want.
Max:  I think I'll just walk. ( He meant walk from home to school by himself.)
Me:  You'll only be 5 years old. You can't walk by yourself yet. When you're older.
Max: Ooohhh, you mean when I'm 15.
Me: Sure.
Max: Will I be in college then?
Me: (giggling) No, you'll be in high school.
Max: Oh, okay I'll be in college when I'm 16. 

I'm not ready for him to be in Kinder yet, and he's already planning on walking to school by himself when he's 16 and in college. Slow down my sweet boy. 

Big day calls for celebration, right? Right. So we went on a little doughnut date.  I think Emma was more excited than anyone. They each picked their doughnut, and went to town. 

Emma always goes for chocolate.  A girl after her mama's heart. 

She'll only eat the top of the doughnut.  She knows the chocolate glaze and sprinkles are the best part! 

Do I have something on my face Mommy?

Happy Wednesday!!


The Evolution of My Social Life

I remember when I was in high school my social life consisted of hanging out with friends, going to movies, eating at Dion's, chatting on instant messenger and talking on the phone for hours.

I would spend time with my family, but not too much because I didn't appreciate family time back then.  

Lunch time senior year with my bff. 

I was 15 in this picture, and that little lady is my little sister. 

We were in Vegas for Thanksgiving one year.  My brother and sister
are so freaking cute!! Max and Emma resemble them, don't you think?

Then when I went to college it was hanging out with friends, going to movies, eating late night Carl's Jrs, parties, going to Juarez,  texting and talking on the phone some.

Freshman year in college I went to Colorado to visit Jenn!

My Aunt Bev, my Mama, Me (my hair looks good!) and my Aunt
Lori at a family reunion for the Tenorio Clan. 

I spent many hours with this girl working in the Computer Science Department.

 When I moved to AZ and started teaching it was hanging out at the pool with friends, flip cup, happy hours, grading paper dates at Paradise Bakery. Good times.  All good times.

I went to Colorado many times when I first moved to AZ to visit Jenn and Liz. 

We had a good night, and I flew home early the next
 morning. I felt like crap.

Ian and I went to Vegas so many times when we lived in AZ.
How young do we look?!

Kali! Before she was a mama to two sets of twin girls! 

Now...it's hanging out with mommy friends while your kids play, watching movies on Netflix or renting one from RedBox, eating at a kid friendly restaurant, commenting on blogs or Instagram pictures with people you don't really know, texting because you can't talk on the phone with kiddos yelling in the back ground. Really, Max is responsible for me having a social life.  From play dates to t-ball, this kid keeps me busy.  I can only imagine how it will only get busier as Emma gets older!  Your social life changes as you get older as do your priorities.  I don't even think I could handle a late night party with drinking.  Though it would be fun, I'd probably feel like death the next morning at 8 when Max and Emma wake up oh so cheery.

My social life may look completely different from when I was 15 or 22, but I'll take hanging out with these three every day all day.