A big day for Max

Yesterday was a big day for Max.  Yesterday was a tough day for my mama heart.  Max is officially registered for Kindergarten.  He was so excited.  When we were leaving the office he stopped in the center of the hallway and turned in a circle looking around in awe.  I can only imagine how big his new school looks to him.  

Our conversation as we were leaving went something like this.....

Me: When school first starts that I'm going to park and walk you into class, but only for the first couple weeks until you're familiar with where you need to walk. 
Max: (With wide eyes)  I'll have to walk to my room by myself?
Me: I can walk you in as long as you wanted me to, whatever you want.
Max:  I think I'll just walk. ( He meant walk from home to school by himself.)
Me:  You'll only be 5 years old. You can't walk by yourself yet. When you're older.
Max: Ooohhh, you mean when I'm 15.
Me: Sure.
Max: Will I be in college then?
Me: (giggling) No, you'll be in high school.
Max: Oh, okay I'll be in college when I'm 16. 

I'm not ready for him to be in Kinder yet, and he's already planning on walking to school by himself when he's 16 and in college. Slow down my sweet boy. 

Big day calls for celebration, right? Right. So we went on a little doughnut date.  I think Emma was more excited than anyone. They each picked their doughnut, and went to town. 

Emma always goes for chocolate.  A girl after her mama's heart. 

She'll only eat the top of the doughnut.  She knows the chocolate glaze and sprinkles are the best part! 

Do I have something on my face Mommy?

Happy Wednesday!!

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