How I wish I could type that this trip was awesome and full of fun.  Let me tell you it was full of snot, throw-up, tears and coughs.  Max and Emma woke up the day before we left for Alaska with colds.  When we got to AK you could tell that they both just weren't feeling well.   Max was full of complaints.  He didn't like where we were eating, he didn't like the pizza, he didn't like everything. The minute Emma was in her car seat she was crying, crying, crying. So much fun. 

There were moments of fun.  The weather was really nice while we were in Anchorage.  We took the kiddos to a park where they could run wild.  We took them swimming.  We went and watched Ian practice before the hockey tournament started.  I even got in a couple workouts while there, before I started feeling like crap. 

They were so excited when their cousins got into town.  There was more swimming, ice skating, and playing.  As bad as both kids were feeling, they tried their hardest to have fun.  That came to screeching halt for Max on Friday.  He had a stomach bug and was so sick.  I felt so bad for him.  Luckily it only lasted a day and no one else caught it.  

We were able to watch two of Ian's games, and it was fun.  We love watching him play hockey.  It was also pretty cool to watch him play with friends from his hometown.  We were able to visit with a couple, and I just love them.  I'm lucky to call them my friends as well.  

Sunday we were coming home and I had checked our flight the night before.  I thought we were leaving at 2:00.  I kept looking at our arrival time NOT our departure time and so when we realized this we only had 40 minutes to get to the airport.  We changed our flight for one at 10:35, but we managed to lock Ian's wallet in our suitcase and the rental car keys were misplaced.  We made it to the airport 3 minutes late to check our luggage.  2 missed flights, but we finally made it home. 

Turns out Emma has an ear infection.  Max is on the mend.  I still feel bad, and I think Ian may be getting sick.  As nice as it was to see family and friends,  I think this annual trip of Ian's will only be for him. 


  1. Oh man. The only thing worse than traveling while you're sick, is traveling with sick kids! Hope everyone is feeling better!


    1. Thanks! We're all feeling better! Thank goodness.