Another Day Another Park

Two days in a row of glorious sunshine.  I love soaking in the vitamin D.  The kiddos could run wild for hours upon hours.  Today we found ourselves at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island, and if you live in the area or visit, it's a must go to spot.  The park is so fun for the kiddos, the trails are awesome to walk along and explore, there's picnic areas, and a rocky area by the water perfect for throwing rock and relaxing.

We met up with H and his mommy and had tons of fun.  The kids played and played.  We had a nice picnic lunch that may have included brownie chocolate chip cookies.  There was more playing, and then we ended up by the water.  So relaxing and peaceful.   I probably could have taken a nap! 

We are loving Max's spring break and the sunshine! 


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    1. I can only imagine how Max and Emma feel about the park, because I don't even play and I think it's the best place!