Another Easter Post

Hope you all had a great Easter, eating yummy food, and hunting for eggs.  I already made some egg salad with a few of the eggs we dyed.  Avocado egg salad will be happening this week at some point.

Yesterday we took the kiddos to Fox Hollow Farms for their Easter Egg Hunt and other activities.  It was super cute.  The kiddos were able to find 12 eggs each, take a pony ride, ride a tractor, see lots of animals, and have fun.  It was a bit chilly when we first got there, but it warmed up and it was so pretty out.  Now I'll let all the pictures do the talking.

When we got home the Easter Bunny hid eggs around the house for the kiddos to find.  Both were sad when it was all over.  Seeing the candy they got from the egg hunt brightened their spirits.  

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