Blogs You Should Be Reading

I can't remember how I came across my very first blog....I think maybe one of my FB friends may have posted a link to one or something.  I don't know.  Since 2009 I've been hooked.  I ready so many blogs.  SO MANY.  I have a tab with Blogs I Love, that I update every once in a blue moon when I come across a blog that I heart eye emoji and want the person to post every day to keep my blog loving heart happy.  There are a handful of blogs that I read and I think I could totally be friends with the person.  If we ever have to move, I'm taking that into consideration.  "Oh you want to move to Florida, Ian?  Hmm...I think Grace lives there (come June-ish).  Let's do it!" I kid....kind of. 

Enough of my babbling.  On to the blogs that you should totally be reading and loving.

Nestfull......so Jena use to blog at Recently Roached, which I loved.  Her humor makes me laugh out loud, and all the nicknames or terms of endearment she has for her husband make me think calling Ian babe is so lame. This lady is so insanely amazing at DIY projects.  Go look at her DIY page on her blog, and come back here and tell me I'm right.  I know I am.  

Little Baby Garvin....another crafty lady.  Maybe I should have titled this Crafty Blogs You Should Be Reading.  I love reading about Jessica and her sweet family.  Her daughters are so adorable, and she always has them dressed so stylishly with matching hair accessories.  The breakfast pictures she posts of the pancakes she makes for them....my sad chocolate chip circles don't even compare.  Mom goals.  I will make an elephant pancake one day.  Until then, you should go check out her blog!  She's expecting baby girl #3!

Oakland Avenue....I recently came across this blog, and I literally spent a good hour reading her posts. (Thanks naptime, sorry neglected laundry)  Her posts are meaningful, thoughtful, heartfelt and some of them hit home.  It's always nice to read how other moms are feeling, because I can relate.  I may not blog about it myself, but it's great that someone is.  And you get to see pictures of her little cuties. 

Which blogs are your favorite to read?  Lord knows I could always use a few more to read! 


  1. Thanks for the great ideas for new blogs to read! Love finding new favorites! :)

  2. You're welcome! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)