Happy Friday!

We have sun!  I think it's suppose to be sunny for the next week!  You know what that means? Time will be spent outside and soaking in the sun rays.  Yesterday we went to the park by our house.  Emma had to bring her purse.  It's always good for bringing stuff home that you can't just carry in your hands.  Y'know, like wood chips, rocks, flowers...the usual. 

Max....oh this kid.  He has his Kindergarten Round-Up last night where he met the Kinder teachers and took a tour of the school. Beyond cute.  He was so excited!  September can't come soon enough for him.  For me, it can take it's time.  

Today we had him screened for his speech.  He says his Ls like a Y and his Rs like a W.  He had a lot of ear infections as a baby and had tubes put in his ears.  We didn't know if maybe he didn't hear well his first 1 1/2 years and that could have effected his speech.  The screen consisted of 3 sections.  One was fine motor skills.  The nice lady told him to gallop to me like a horse, and he neighed and galloped to me.  I couldn't stop laughing.  He got into character.  Another table he had to name the colors, shapes, count, etc.  She told him to count as high as he could.  When he got to 20, she told him he could stop, but he counted all the way to 100!. The last table checked his speech where the lady pointed to pictures, asked what it was, and what you do with it.  For example she pointed to a picture and he said thermometer.  She asked what it was for, and he said to check the temperature outside.  She asked what he does when he walks into a room and it's dark.  He said, "I plug in my night light. "  It was so cute listening to him answer her, and be so serious with his responses.  Good news is he passed all the the sections.  She wasn't worried about his Ls or Rs and said that it's something he'll master in Kinder.  I'm so proud of him! 

Ian bought Emma this Adidas outfit when she was just a little baby.  I put it on her today and giggled.  She looks like she's ready for track!  She kept saying, "Oohh pocket." 

She also needed a new swim suit, so we went  shopping for one.  Max wanted to get her one with the Little Mermaid, because "It's perfect Mommy!" They didn't have her size.  I held up 3 options for her, and this is the one she picked.  I put it on her when we got home, and she doesn't like it! We may have to take it back...almost 2 and already has such a strong opinion on what she wears.  

Tonight Max has tball, and his first game is tomorrow!  Be ready for pictures, because I can guarantee there will be many. 

Happy Friday friends!!

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