Max's First T-ball Game

Saturday was Max's first t-ball game and it was 3 innings of cuteness overload!  Max was first to bat, and he did so great!  His team played at a park by his bff's house, and so he was able to come watch Max's game.  Max was so excited to see his friend. 

Max played First Base, Third Base and Pitcher.  It was seriously so adorable to watch these kids play. Some of them had no clue what they were doing, some were in LaLa Land, and a few were taking the game seriously.  One kid on Max's team got three outs, and they don't even keep track of outs, but he was good!  When it was over Max told Ian, "Well...the Peacocks won 5 to 3." Ian was laughing, because he didn't know where Max heard that, and they don't keep score.  It always ends in a tie or both teams are winners.  However you want to look at it.

Warming up, playing catch with a teammate. 

Waiting for the game to start! 

On first base ready to make a play.  Isn't his ready position so cute?

On pitcher's mound chasing down the ball. 

In ready position waiting for the kiddo to hit the ball. 

I can't wait for his next game!  Go Alligators! Chomp! 

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