I was holding Emma while she was playing on her 
leap pad, and she got really quiet.  She had fallen asleep 
with the leap pad covering her face! 

I told them to cover their eyes while I was putting a box of
goodies in front of them.  Emma was being one sneaking
little girl! 

On our way to Tacoma for a friend's birthday, 
we drove by Marty McFly.

I got the last paper I needed back from NMSU for my teaching
application here in WA.  It's 100% complete!! 

Emma went to town on her chocolate chip cookie.  I, of course,
had to take a picture.  I told her to smile....

She woke up way too early, and watched me while I got in a 
morning workout.  Then we had a dance party to the theme
song for Curious George. 

We got home from picking up Max at school, and they had to 
talk to each other on the phone, while they looked at one another. 
I couldn't stop laughing.  

Hope you're having a great week! 

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