The Evolution of My Social Life

I remember when I was in high school my social life consisted of hanging out with friends, going to movies, eating at Dion's, chatting on instant messenger and talking on the phone for hours.

I would spend time with my family, but not too much because I didn't appreciate family time back then.  

Lunch time senior year with my bff. 

I was 15 in this picture, and that little lady is my little sister. 

We were in Vegas for Thanksgiving one year.  My brother and sister
are so freaking cute!! Max and Emma resemble them, don't you think?

Then when I went to college it was hanging out with friends, going to movies, eating late night Carl's Jrs, parties, going to Juarez,  texting and talking on the phone some.

Freshman year in college I went to Colorado to visit Jenn!

My Aunt Bev, my Mama, Me (my hair looks good!) and my Aunt
Lori at a family reunion for the Tenorio Clan. 

I spent many hours with this girl working in the Computer Science Department.

 When I moved to AZ and started teaching it was hanging out at the pool with friends, flip cup, happy hours, grading paper dates at Paradise Bakery. Good times.  All good times.

I went to Colorado many times when I first moved to AZ to visit Jenn and Liz. 

We had a good night, and I flew home early the next
 morning. I felt like crap.

Ian and I went to Vegas so many times when we lived in AZ.
How young do we look?!

Kali! Before she was a mama to two sets of twin girls! 

Now...it's hanging out with mommy friends while your kids play, watching movies on Netflix or renting one from RedBox, eating at a kid friendly restaurant, commenting on blogs or Instagram pictures with people you don't really know, texting because you can't talk on the phone with kiddos yelling in the back ground. Really, Max is responsible for me having a social life.  From play dates to t-ball, this kid keeps me busy.  I can only imagine how it will only get busier as Emma gets older!  Your social life changes as you get older as do your priorities.  I don't even think I could handle a late night party with drinking.  Though it would be fun, I'd probably feel like death the next morning at 8 when Max and Emma wake up oh so cheery.

My social life may look completely different from when I was 15 or 22, but I'll take hanging out with these three every day all day.  

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