Tulip Festival 2015

Saturday after Max's tball game Ian asked me, "Do you want to go to the Tulip Festival?" I excitedly answered, "YES!!!!!!!!!!" I've been wanting to go, and was going to attempt to make the trek up north when Max was on Spring Break, but it didn't happen.  I was excited!  We stopped by the house to get a change of shoes for Max who informed me, "I don't like festivals!" with a good pout to go with it.  Then I put his sock on wrong, and all went to crap in his world.  We get back into the car and hit the road by 11:30ish.  Not even 2 minutes into the drive Max is still pouting and Emma is now crying.  I kept telling myself, "We are going to have fun!"

To get there it took us THREE freaking hours.  It normally is a little over an hour, but the sun was shining, it was a Saturday, and everyone and their grandma wanted to see the Tulips. Max had to pee.  Thank goodness I had a Starbucks cup. Emma hated being in her car seat and kept saying she wanted to unbuckle.  We're all hangry, and at this point I'm thinking it's stupid and we need to just go home.  Ian kept saying, 'We came this far."  

We finally park and walk to get into another line to get into the festival.  I'm so over it already and we're not even in yet to see the flowers.  We also had made plans to hang out with friends at 7 on Saturday night, so by the time we actually got in and had something to eat we had 30 minutes to look at flowers because traffic going back was also a nightmare.  

The Tulips were beautiful.  So many colors.  We walked into the field and took some pictures, oohhed and awwwed and made our way back to the car.  Ian stopped to buy me tulips.  It took us another 3 hours to get home.  Traffic was stupid.  Max had to pee again.  Thank you Starbucks cup.  Emma hated her car seat and probably us by that point.  Thankfully Max was making her laugh and keeping her entertained.  

My dinner after all that.  Carrots, hummus, and a bottle of wine.  We can mark the Tulip Festival off our list, because I will never, ever do that again. Ever. 

Nothing says, "Take a picture of this sign!" like that orange cone. 

Ian posed them for this picture, and they liked it. 

Max was over taking pictures.

Max: "Another picture? It's just flowers!"

Tulip Festival 2015 (our first and last trip to see these beauties.)

The tulips making our kitchen table so pretty. 

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