Weekend Moments

I tell you life has been so busy! Our weekend was jam packed, and lots of fun...minus the traffic from the Tulip Festival, but other than that a weekend of fun was had by all.  

Friday- Max had t-ball practice.  This kid is just too cool.  He wears his hat crooked, not straight.  Ian also wears his hat like this sometimes.  Max always wants to be just like Daddy. 

Emma was killing me in her Adidas track suit.  

While Max was practicing, Emma wanted in on the fun! 

Saturday- Max's first t-ball game and the Tulip Festival took up our day.

Sunday- We  had a bowling birthday party, and Max had so much fun.  On our way home we stopped by a new park that we hadn't been to yet,.  It was gorgeous out.  The kiddos played, and we took a walk along the pier.  There was a lady throwing a ball into the water and her dog jimping in to get it.  Emma would squeal with excitement every time.  She loves dogs so much.  

Sometimes I feel like we need a weekend to recover from our weekend!  

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