A Feast and a Rainstorm

On Tuesday, which was Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to make homemade enchiladas, tostadas, and sopapillas.  I may be from NM, but when it comes to making Mexican food I'm not the greatest.  I've attempted enchiladas before, and they came out too dry.  So I was kind of afraid to make this feast, because the chances of it all turning out bad were high.  I aimed high people, and let me tell you...it was good.

Max also had  a t-ball game so I had to make the enchiladas, fry corn tortillas for the tostada shells, and make the dough for the sopapillas before his game.  We were in charge of after game snacks, so that had to get done too.  It was mayhem before his game!  There was a chance for rain around Max's game time, and a part of me hoped it would rain so his game could get canceled and I could focus on our feast.  No luck...until we were already at the game.  Max had been playing for about 20 minutes, and it started to sprinkle.  Then it started to rain a little harder.  Hail came down from the sky with force and it started to pour!!  Thunder boomed and all the kids freaked and some started crying.  By the time we got to the car we were soaked!!!

You can't tell in the picture, but at this point it was pouring. 

Emma was not a fan of the hail, and Max kept yelling, "I don't like it!" as if it were my fault it was raining and hailing.  

On our way home I stopped by our favorite Mexican restaurant and picked up some rice and beans, because really I know I can't make rice and beans the way they do.  So flippin good!   When we got home I quickly got to work, and our meal came together!!  It took me a couple tries to get the sopapillas right, but they came out pretty darn good for it being my first try.

Even though the rainstorm put a damper on the kiddos moods for awhile, our night ended up muy bueno.  

Did you do anything festive for Cinco de Mayo?  


  1. That food looks so good! My fiance is really good at making Mexican food so he made chicken tinga and we made tortas with it.

    1. Yum!!! I love Mexican food! I could eat it every day.