Best Day

Yesterday was the best day, and I'm totally humming "Best Day" by Tswift as I type this up.   I had opened the gift Max made for me at school earlier in the week because he told me, "I tink you can open it today.  Hey Emma I made something purple for you!"  I sweetly told him that Emma wasn't his mom, and the gift was for me, not Emma.  He quickly replied, "Yeah, but Emma likes purple."  Okay then....

I opened the cutely decorated bag to find this card and a trinket box.  The tears.  When I read the card and looked inside....

My heart exploded. 

Yesterday we went to have brunch at Storyville Coffee, which is becoming a favorite spot of ours.  I love the atmosphere, and the words they share.  Love everybody. 

That breakfast sandwich was heaven in my mouth.  That iced vanilla latte was the best I've had. Ever.  

Waiting for the free airplane cookies for the kiddos. 

We went to Trader Joes for some goodies and came across this dog, and the kids loved it.  You would have thought it was a real dog the way they were talking and playing with it.  Both even gave it a kiss goodbye. 

We found ourselves at a park where the kids ran wild and had fun.  It was a beautiful park, and so many families were out enjoying the day.  

My day ended with Ian cooking me dinner and getting us ice cream cones for dessert.  I may have indulged in a bottle of wine.  I'm paying for it this morning, because the kids decided to wake up just after 6 this morning. 

To all mamas and soon to be mamas, I hope your day was special. 


  1. Ohh that breakfast sandwich looks delish! Sounds like you had a perfect Mother's Day. :)

    1. You need to go try it! It's seriously so good!