Currently: May

Hello May.  I still can't believe it's May!  I've been so excited for this month.  So much going on for my family!  So much excitement and happiness!  As always linking up with Anne and Jenna, you should too! 

Designing:  This month Emma turns TWO and so the birthday decoration making begins.  Thank you Pinterest.  I'm not sure if I want to go with the pink and white Minnie or the red and white Minnie.  We'll see....

Enjoying:  It has been so sunny here in Washington...and I probably just jinxed it, but I have been enjoying the sun.  We love being outside.  It makes for happy and fun filled days.  Plus, my kiddos need the vitamin D and maybe a suntan.  They are so pale. 

Ordering:  So I'm new to Zulily. Gasp, I know! Where have I been?  I ordered Emma a few baby lit books for her birthday, and I can't wait to give them to her! I think I may be more excited to read them with her.  

Celebrating: We are celebrating so many things this month.  Emma's birthday, Max graduates from preschool, and my brother graduates from high school! My brother goes to a college prep school and will also be graduating with his Associates from college.  How cool is that?  That picture is Antonio holding Max for the first time.  Now they are both graduating...the tears. 

Tasting: Mexican food!!!  I can't wait to be home in New Mexico and eating some good Mexican food.  yum, my taste buds can't wait!  Ian and I went to La Posta on a date early into our relationship.  The poor guy couldn't handle the hotness of the food.  We also had our rehearsal dinner there, so it holds a special place in our hearts.  

What are you currently up to this month??


  1. They had BabyLit books on Zuliliy? I'm so bummed I missed that! And yay for May birthdays! We've got two coming up next week!

    1. Yes! The Baby Lit is suppose to be coming back soon. I'm going to have to buy more! Yay for birthdays!! Yay for cake!

  2. I love the Baby Lit books! And have been trying not to look at Zulily lately after going on a few sprees... like when they had tiny TOMs! Thanks for linking up, and happy almost birthday to your cutie.

  3. Yay for getting on zulily! I've wasted lots of time there :) have fun with your upcoming birthday celebration!

  4. I love Mexican food, too! That place sounds so special. :)
    So many exciting things going on for you and your family this month!!