Fun Moments

Some fun moments captured last week...

Max, Emma and H were playing in the sand trying to build sandcastles.  These three are so cute together.  Emma tries to be just like the boys.  She had so much fun and by the end was completely soaked. 

A beautiful day calls for fun in the sprinkler.  This lasted for about 5 minutes, and then they were done. 

We met our friends at Kelsey Creek Farm, which we love, and watched animals. Max got a kick out of the goats when they were pooping. Poop happens to be a favorite topic of conversation for Max these days.  So lovely.  Max, Emma and L were having fun wandering around and playing.  We also saw a very large pig named Dixie and Max said, "She's 100 feet tall!"

Emma being the sassy diva that she is. 

Waiting to bat! This kid is getting so great at hitting the ball. A few times his hits go into the outfield.  

We played 4 games of Uno Moo.  He told me, "Hey Mommy why don't you try harder to beat me."  Sadly, I was trying to beat him.  I won one game. 

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