Land of Enchantment

Our trip came and went, way too fast if you ask me.  We had such a good time.  I still can't believe my brother graduated!  Max and Emma had so much fun, and when we were flying home Emma kept asking, "Gramma where are you? Where are you?"  We're happy that they are coming to visit us in June, because we were all sad to come home.  It never gets easier having to say goodbye.  Now, for some pictures to recap our trip!

4 ways to keep your kids entertained at a graduation.  There would have been 5 reasons had I not used all the stickers at Antonio's award ceremony. 

He graduated! 

All the heart eye emojis.  

Graduation selfie, because have you met me? We love taking selfies while on a trip.

When Ian first met my brother, Antonio was 9 years old. 

These two are wild things. 

A stop at Caliches is a must while in Las Cruces.  Look at all the yummy goodness in this picture. 

We took the kiddos to a park near my parent's house, and we saw this sunset.  It really made me miss living in NM. 

I never take enough pictures.  Until next time NM. 


  1. How exciting! And those ice cream things look sooo good!

    1. It's like blizzard from DQ, but with frozen custard...and way better!!