Two Years

Dear Arizona,
It's been two years since we left you.  The day is easy to remember, because we left on K's birthday.  I remember Max and I went over to Leslie's to bring K her birthday gift, and to say goodbye.  All. The. Tears.  

It was a sad day packing up our house, and saying goodbye to the home that had so many of our "firsts".  First home, first holidays, first home for Max, Max's first birthday, Max's first steps, Max's first major owie where he chipped his tooth.  So many memories.  

Oh Arizona, you were so hot that day.  That's one thing I don't miss one bit.  The hot, hot summers.  No thank you.  As we left the heat that day, we set on a new adventure.  Oh what an adventure it's been!  

Making our way up to Washington was a memorable drive, and we had so much fun!  My favorite picture from our trek to our new home was when we took Max to play at a playground near our cousin's house in Vancouver, WA.  I had him stand in all our home states.  Look how little he looks!!

When we finally got settled into our new home I was 38 weeks pregnant!  So crazy to me that we moved when I was 36 weeks pregnant, and my doctor is AZ wasn't concerned at all.  No big deal.  

Now, here we are 2 years later.....it's hard to believe that it's been 2 years, because sometimes it just feels like yesterday.  A lot has happened in those 2 years that it also feels like a lifetime ago. 

Arizona, I think I'll be seeing you this year.  At least I hope so.  I'll wait until Summer is over though, because I don't think I could handle the triple digits anymore.  

Happy Birthday to K, who is FIVE today!  We miss your sweet face every day.  


  1. You're in WA?! Yay, I live in Seattle! I love finding bloggers in the PNW. :)

    1. Yes!! I'm the same way. :) I'll check out your blog as well!