Family Visit

Oh hey there!!  Why do family visits go by so quick?  I don't think saying "see ya later!" will ever get easier.  My family was here for a week, and it was such a good week.  It was filled with fun, laughter and ice cream.   

First up on our adventures we went to Bainbridge Island.   We drove on to the ferry so we could drive around the island.  Max and Emma love the riding the ferry, as do I when you get views of the beautiful Seattle skyline.   We had lunch at Hammy's Burgers and they were pretty good.  Messy, but good.  Then we walked around and found our way to Mora Iced Creamery.  It was a favorite of all, especially Emma. 

Our next adventure was at Pike's Market.  We went on the hunt for the Gum Wall.  I've heard of this amazing, disgusting place, but had never seen it with my eyes or smelt it with my nose.  When we found it, you walk into the alley way and you can smell the gum.  Then you see it....it's so gross, but so cool! 

The walkway back up to the street is lined with art.  

Then we saw our friend, the Fremont Troll.  I never noticed that he's clutching a car under his hand.  Emma was asleep, so she missed the fun.  There weren't many people there at all, so we had the troll to ourselves to take pictures.  Pretty awesome! 

Our last stop of fun was Snoqualmie Falls.  My Dad hadn't seen yet, and last time we were here with my family Emma was just a week or so old.  

We took Emma and Max to see Inside Out, and it's such a cute movie!  Max loved that the girl played hockey.  Highly recommend taking your little loves to see the film.  The short film before, Lava, is also so adorable.  The kiddos saw the cut out for the Minions movie, and of course we had a to take a picture! 

We also made it to the Sounders match, which was a lot of fun!  My family, Ian's family, and our friend from AZ were able to watch the game from a suite.  It was cool!  Sadly, they lost.  Boo!  The game was the kick off to Pride Week.  I know people have their own opinions about things, but I thought it was awesome of the Sounders.   Makes me love them more. 

We took my family to Kerry Park, because the view.  Oh that view is so worth it.  

We also celebrated my mom's birthday, had a mini family reunion with Ian's family, celebrated Father's Day, ate lots of yummy food, went on family walks, and just had a great time.  I wish we could do it all over again. 

Over the next week I have TWO interviews for teaching positions at schools near where we live.  I'm super excited, but nervous.  I haven't had an interview for teaching since 2008.  Gulp.  So if you could send prayers and happy vibes my way, I would great appreciate it!  This SAHM may soon be a working mom! 


  1. I love that you did so many of my favorite Seattle things! (Somehow I haven't seen Snoqualmie Falls...I think I need to remedy that ASAP!) It's also funny that I went to Bainbridge so recently and you commented that you guys love Mora too and then I saw on IG that you were eating it! It made me want to go back for more! I think the Pride week thing is really cool of the Sounders too. :)

    1. When family comes I love to do touristy things...even when they aren't here. I don't feel like a local quite yet! I still ohhh and awww at all the sights!