Life Lately

To say life has been busy would be an understatement.  Max started soccer camp this week, and it's been so great.  He loves it!  He comes home exhausted, and is ready for bed around 7.  I love it! He has one more day, and I tell you I wish it was all summer.  He's just so happy being active and playing sports. 

The first day of his camp, we looked up at the sky and noticed a halo around the sun.  It was pretty cool to see.

After my miscarriage I got really crafty.  I spent hours upon hours on Pinterest getting ideas of things I could do around the house.  I got spice racks from Ikea and put them together, then painted them, and then they just sat there.  (Note: if you use these spice racks for books shelves or for their intended purpose, paint before putting together.) While my family was here, my Dad put them up for me.  He's the best Dad ever.  The very best. 

Max told us the other night that he had seen a big raccoon.  We weren't sure if that's what he really saw.  Then the following night this mama raccoon and her two babies were walking across the top of our fence.  The mama was forcefully pulling one of the babies across.  Then she was screeching, mama yelling in raccoon language at her babies.  Max said, "I told you I saw a raccoon!"

Emma wants in on the soccer camp fun.  She carries her own soccer ball around, and when we leave she has to score a goal.  Max will show her the move of the day he learned. It's really cute and sweet to watch.  Then we try and leave and she'll sulk and maybe throw a tantrum.  Since turning two, she breaks into tears at a drop of hat.  

Yesterday Max got a tshrt and saw the Sounders car.  He was beyond excited and told me to take a picture right away and send it to Daddy.  All was perfect in his world. 

Hope you're having a terrific week! 


  1. Ahhh raccoon babies! So cute! (Even though I'm terrified of them, I think they're cute!) Glad he's loving soccer camp! And thank you for letting me know the Seattle Public Library card can be used for museum entry! I had no idea!

    1. I think you have to go online and print out the museum pass. I read about it online. Such a fun perk!