Parties, Fevers, and an Anniversary

What a weekend we had!  It was full of birthday parties, sunshine, sick kiddos, and it was our anniversary!

Friday: Max needed a haircut because the boy's hair grows so fast.  He has a total Seattle haircut, and I think he pulls it off quite well.  It also happens to be the haircut his Daddy has, and he wants to be like Daddy all the time, so haircut it was!   I also decided to cut Emma's bangs again.  They were growing out and always in her face.  They were driving me nuts, so I can imagine how Emma actually felt.  Why do haircuts always make your kids look like they are ready for college?

Friday night we went over to our friends house for a surprise birthday celebration.  It was a lot of fun, and the food was pretty amazing.  Emeral made mini desserts, which were so fancy and so yummy! I laughed so much that night, all while sipping on Sangria that Emeral made.  So good people.  I'm going to tell her to blog the recipe so she can share the goodness. 

Saturday: Max got invited to his friend's birthday party.  It was a Frozen/Superhero themed party and it was so cute!  There were quite a few Elsas running around!  All the kids freaked when Elsa walked up to the party.  She read a story to the kiddos and brought a crown for the birthday girl.  I've never seen kids sit so quietly through storytime.  Ever. 

All those tball games and practices came in handy with trying to break open the pinata!

Pin the nose on Olaf! Cute, right?!

Pap-pap and Mum-mum got Emma a water toy for her birthday.  I started blowing this sucker up on Friday....I could have passed out.  There were two spots that needed an air pump, but the rest I had to blow up.   Almost passing out was so worth hearing their giggles!  They had so much fun!

Sunday: Emma had a fever on Saturday, but woke up fine on Sunday.  Saturday night Max started feeling warm.  By Sunday he was burning up, and let me tell you he was miserable.  

It was also mine and Ian's anniversary.  We've been married for 7 years!  I got him a box of Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts.  When we first started dating he hadn't had Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts.  I had eye surgery, and shouldn't have been out and about, but I went and got him a box of doughnuts. I liked him.  On our wedding day I sent him over a box of Krispy Kreme doughtnuts. I loved him.  Now, every time I see a Krispy Kreme I get all sappy. 

Sappy minds think a like.  Ian came home with a blue Gatorade and gossip magazines for me! The first night we met we talked a lot.  During our conversation I mentioned that I loved blue drinks and gossip magazines.  The next time I saw him, I opened the door to find him standing there with a blue Gatorade and gossip magazines in hand. It was that moment that I knew he was a keeper.  A thoughtful keeper.  

It was a great weekend, minus the kiddos being sick.  Tomorrow my family comes for a week, and we're excited!!

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  1. Your anniversary traditions are seriously so cute! I love Max's haircut--sooo Seattle! And sangria and mini desserts sound amazing!