Who Wears Short Shorts?

Emma's been the big TWO for 5 days, and let me tell you the "Terrible Twos" are shining blindingly bright.  The scream crying she did today while in Target because her shoelace was untied was Oscar worthy.  I reminded her that today is National Donut Day, and we were going to celebrate it up after Target.  If she didn't stop her hysterical crying she wasn't getting a donut.  I said this with my firm mommy voice, and I meant it.  She looked at me, swung her little legs extra hard to give the cart a swift kick, and she threw in an extra loud high pitched scream to let everyone in the store hear her.  Twos are f.u.n. 

While there there was a mommy of 3 that looked like a freaking super model in her stylish clothes.  The green eyed monster showed itself for a second, but quickly went away when Max loudly said, "Woah, look at all the Coke!" I look around for a Coke display, and I don't see anything.  He then points to Gisele's cart and she had the bottom stacked with Coke.  Max loudly said again, "She has A LOT of Coke!"  He thought for a moment and then decided, "She must be having a big party." Probably. 

We went to the park today to play in the sand with their new sand toys.  There were a lot of kids in the sand.  Max and Emma played for about 15 minutes, and then wanted to take a walk down to the lake.  

Another Max story.  This morning I put on shorts, which I never wear.  I walk into the bedroom and Max looks at me  and says:

Max: Oh, those are short shorts Mommy."
Me: (looking down at my shorts) No they aren't.
Max: Yeah, they look short.  
Me: Do they look bad?
Max: No, just short.  Like small.  Maybe they'll fit me. 
Me: (changed into pants)

This weekend is Max's last tball game and the team's end of the year party.  We're also going to the Mariners game where Max and his team get to walk the field.  Should be a fun, action packed, sun filled weekend!  

Happy Friday! 


  1. Sounders last weekend and Mariners this weekend? So fun! His shorts comment was too funny.

    1. Yes! We lasted 4 innings, because we had to get there by 11:00 to walk the field. Too long for our little Sassy Pants.