A Play Date at the Farm

The weather is back to being sunny, beautiful and hot.  We had clouds and rain for a few days and I loved it!  I think my body went into shock, because I was so sleepy those days.  Today we met up with our friends for a coffee (for us mamas) and doughnuts play date.  Max has lost a couple pounds, and hasn't been too interested in eating.  So if he'll eat a doughnut or two, I'm okay with that!  He ate his and the rest of Emma's (which was the doughnut minus the frosting and sprinkles) up like a champ! Once the sugar hit the kiddos it was pure craziness! They played and played and then we went for a long walk to check out the animals. 

The shirt Emma's wearing caused the biggest meltdown because the white part is tied up, and she wanted it untied.  The shirt is like that though, and it cannot be untied.  The damn tie ruined our morning.  Thank goodness I sweet talked her and said the magic words: doughnuts and park.

I love taking pictures of the kiddos looking at something. I have so many of the backs of my kids, but I can't stop and won't stop taking these pictures.  I know their faces are so unbelievably cute, but I can't help  myself.  Here we have Emma and L harassing the poor bunnies. 

I die every time I see Emma holding hands with someone.  These two holding hands had me giggling over the cuteness. 

Then Max held her other hand and my heart was melted sappy puddle of mush. 

Max has a scope this Friday.  He'll be asleep when it happens.  The surgery nurse called today and said that one parent can go back with him.  One.  How are we suppose to choose who? Paper, rock, scissors?  When I really think about it, I think Ian would be best to go back with him.  He'll keep it together, whereas I would be a sobbing mess.  Max has no clue what's going to happen.  Everything will be okay.  I keep telling myself this, and I think I'll believe it eventually.  So Friday if you could say prayers, send happy vibes, healthy vibes for our sweet boy, I'd greatly appreciate it. 


  1. Their hand-holding kills me 😊!

    Will be thinking about you guys on Friday!


    1. They are so cute together. :) Thanks!

  2. The pictures of them from the back are adorable because you can just see the wonder and amazement. The hand holding pictures are sooo cute! I will be thinking about you and Max (and your husband and Emma!) on Friday!