Friday Love

Today is a big day for Max, who is not at all happy that he had to stop eating last night at 7:00.  He looked at me this morning and asked when he could eat, and then said, "But what if my tummy is oh so hungry before?"  Sad face. All the sad faces.   So I'm trying to make this morning fun for him, because he's nervous about his appointment, and I'm nervous for him.  I also told him he could pick whatever he wanted for lunch after his appointment and he picked Chipotle.   He is so my son.

Let's talk about my daughter.  Have I mentioned how dramatic she can be?  This morning she said, "I hungryyyyyy Mommy."  So I asked her if she wanted cereal for breakfast, which she normally eats.  She looked at me and grunted, ran and threw herself on the couch, got up and stomped her way to the kitchen, turned and yelled, "I want gold fish!"  It's too early for this, and I haven't had coffee yet.   The attitude is so very real, and I have no idea where she gets it from!

I started potty training her yesterday.  She seems like she's interested.  I got mini M&Ms for a little treat every time she goes.  She has gotten herself THREE so far!!  She gets so excited whens she goes and yells, "I did it!"  Then she'll do a potty celebration dance.  I die.

Some things I'm loving this week:

I love Shay over at Mix and Match Family.  My other fav blogger, Grace, mentioned her once and so I went to her blog.  I love her story.  She also has a food blog, and I made her pizza quesadilla for the kiddos last night, and it was a big hit!  Max asked for it again tonight.

I am a lover of lists and checking off things on said lists.  ThePolkaDotPosie has the cutest countdown check list for school, and it's a freebie! Also in the same post there are free downloads for lunchbox notes (seriously the cutest thing ever), shopping lists, and even a first day of school sign.  This made me even more excited for school to start!

Speaking of school. I am loving these cute binder clips from Target, and I got this bag for work.  I had a $5 gift card, it's on sale, and I used my REDcard for an extra 5%  off.

Mattie over at Northwest Native did a post last Friday that included some songs she's loving.  Ever since I read it I keep hearing the song that goes, "I can't feel my face when I'm with you, but I love it."  It gets stuck in your head, but Max doesn't like it at all.  The minute it comes on, he requests a change.  He's a fan of Nicki Minaj, which makes me laugh.  One of her songs comes on and he'll say, "Oh it's my song!"

Lastly, this blog makes me want to organize and redecorate our whole house.  One day.   Oh and one more, because I just thought of it.  Ian and I have been watching The League on Netflix.  If your husband (or you) plays fantasy football, I think he may love this show.  It's soooooooo funny.  We LoL through most of the show, and it's one we can watch together.  (I finished ALL of Grey's Anatomy. I'm so sad.  So sad.)

Happy Friday friends!  I hope you have a great weekend! Please send your prayers, happy vibes, healthy vibes, any kind of positive vibes for Max today.   Thank you!


  1. Oh, poor guy, that is sad. So hard because he probably doesn't really get why he can't eat. :( And I totally get the drama thing, my three year old daughter is definitely a "threenager" and I can't wait fir this stage to be over... fingers crossed, lol.

    1. Oh goodness I don't even want to think about Emma as a threenager. Yikes!

  2. Whaaat?! How can you not like that song?! Haha, I kid. It actually seems like a song I would make fun of normally, but for some reason (probably because it's just so catchy) it caught me!

    Now I totally want Chipotle. YUM. That bag you got from Target is so cute! I watched the League in the past and it is hilarious. Kinda wanna rewatch it now that you mention it!

    1. Emma loves the song. She' loves to dance to it!

      We ended up not getting Chipotle and he was super upset, but he didn't have the appetite to eat it. Maybe today!