Max's Hospital Stay

Tuesday Ian went out of town for a work conference, and that evening my cousin was coming into town for a visit.  I was sooooo excited. I had all the days jam packed with things to do.  Then I ended up at the ER with Max and Emma in tow.  We were there for a couple hours and they were going to transfer us over to the Children's Hospital.  Thankfully Emeral came and picked up Emma.  She hung out and had a sleep over with A.  I told her it was the only time she could have a sleep over at a boys house.  

Max and I were transferred by ambulance, and he wasn't impressed at all.  Poor kid had to get an iv put in and blood drawn before we could go.  They told me to leave the room, which I did and got all my crying out. I was trying to be strong in front of him, because I knew he was scared.  We got to the Children's Hospital and stayed in there ER for quite some time.  We finally got put in a room around 2 in the morning.  Wednesday morning my mother in law came into town, Ian flew back, I picked up Emma and my cousin and we all hung out in Max's room.  Party! 

Thursday we went to check out the playroom.  Max painted a masterpiece and met two other little boys who were named MAX! It was funny.  

This was before his test that day, that didn't go so well.  He didn't want anything to do with it, and he's a smart boy who they couldn't reason with.  The doctors were so patient and wonderful.   He ended up having a different test done on Friday that he did so well with.  He was full of smiles and told me he passed. 

He colored, made marker swords with Emma, played games, watched movies. 

Emma wasn't a happy camper without her brother.  She would mope around the house. She missed him, and when we'd get to the hospital she'd be so happy.  

I did take my cousin to Pike's and Kerry Park.  She got a taste of true Seattle weather when it started to rain while we were walking around.  Both her and my mother in law went home.  We have a couple more doctor appointments, and hopefully our boy can put all this behind him.  He's been a trooper.  I'm glad I have both my babies home.   I can't say enough great things about the Seattle Children's Hospital.  The facility is amazing,  and they treated Max so great.   As awesome as it was, I hope we never have to go back.  Ever. 


  1. What happened?! I assume this wasn't a planned trip! I'm glad he's doing better now!

    1. He's been choking a lot. No real answers yet. Hopefully this week!