The Day Max was Grounded

I typed up this post last night.  Today is a brand new day, and I'm hoping a certain 4 year old will have a much better day.  


As I type this, I have two kiddos sleeping and a husband at his hockey game.  The house is quiet, and I kind of like it.  Today was rough.  Max and Emma, for the most part, get along great.  They love playing cars, putting puzzle together, putting on puppet shows.  Then they have their moments where all they do is fight.  Fight over the same car, even though there's plenty to play with.  Fighting over the last puzzle piece, because obviously putting that last piece is the best thing ever.  Screaming over who gets to put on the puppet show, because...puppets.   Today though, Max one upped himself in the naughty department.  Before I get to that, let's look at some pictures taken by my sad iphone 3.  

Sunday Emma Girl and I had ourselves a little Target date.  It was fun. She has a love for the motherland as much as I do. 

I've been going through my teacher stuff, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.  I had been looking for my flash drive that hold all of my 7 years of teaching, and I swear the heavens parted when I found it.  

Now, back to how Max one upped his naughtiness.  He came to me and told me that Emma was in the office and she had colored on the computer.  She had been in the office, because she wanted some privacy while she did her business.  I walk in there and look at the laptop, which was closed, and right on top is a lovely drawing with orange crayon.  I look at Emma who is smiling and smelling at this point.  I ask her if she drew on the computer, and she says, "Yes!"  I ask her again, and she then said, "No, no Max did it!"  I look at him, and he's now standing by the door half way hiding behind the wall.  I ask him if he did it, and he smiles and says, "I was just joking!"  I think he was expecting me to give him a little LoL, but I was so mad I couldn't even talk to him.  He shouldn't have colored all over the computer, but what made me so upset was that he tried to get Emma in trouble. He lied.  Both Ian and I talked to him about being honest.  Then we went on a family walk and Ian asks him if he learned a lesson today.  Trying to see if he'd talk about how he learned that he needs to be honest, and he says, "No....I didn't do school time today."  I told him he's grounded.  My 4 year old.  I took away the PlayStation and canceled our movie date we had planned, and that pretty much ruined his life. 

Our family walk....Emma makes me laugh.  We were walking down the hill and she put her hands in the air like she was on a roller coaster. 

While it's quiet, I'm going to get back to watching Grey's Anatomy.  I've been binge watching this show for months.  I'm on season 9.  I don't know whether to be proud or sad about that....


  1. It's funny how being a parent is so rewarding and infuriating all wrapped up into one :) Here's to a better day than yesterday!!!

    As I type this, Lee is fighting a nap that he so badly needs. *Sigh*


    1. He told another lie today....and Emma's been trying to beat him all day. I was so optimistic this morning.

  2. My 5 year old has recently started with the lying too, so frustrating! We've tried explaining to him over and over that he just gets in more trouble for lying that what he's lying about... what is it about this age?

    1. I don't know! I hope Max starts to understand that lying isn't okay. He lied again today, and spent quite some time in timeout.