What A Week

What a week.  Monday and Tuesday I continued with my new teacher meetings.  Wednesday Max and I went into my classroom for a couple hours.  Yesterday I had meetings at my school and Meet the Teacher.  

Max was a great little helper and put handouts on my kiddos desks.  He made it into a race, because everything turns into a race with him. 

My kiddos got a Welcome Packet, their first homework assignment, and popcorn for "popping" in.  It got a laugh out of the parents, and the kids wanted to go home and make the popcorn.   I met 13 of my 22 students.  I forgot how tiny the kiddos are when the start 3rd grade. 

What a week Emma had.  Emma started at her school and every morning she cried when we dropped her off, but she would stop when she sat down at the table for breakfast.  The rest of the day her teachers said she was great.  Some of the things she did: played in water for water day, saw ponies (the older kids got pony rides!), did yoga, had story time with a librarian who comes in to read to the kiddos, sang songs, built tall block towers to knock them down, and came home with a cold. 

Max had a great week.  He's spending his days with his friend S. Her mama is awesome and is watching Max while I'm working.  S is going to Max's school and their classes are right next to each other.  Some things Max did this week: went to a park and had a picnic, played at the play place at McDonald's,  lounged out on beach chairs and pretended they were at the beach, went to the Y and did a tumble class,  and played so much that he came home exhausted each day.  

Last night Ian came to take to him to meet his teacher.  I was bummed that I didn't get to experience that with them, but we have his Kinder appointment with his teacher next week that I'll be able to go to, and he's just around the corner from me.  I can't tell you enough how happy I am that he gets to go to the school that I'm teaching at.  

I don't have any pictures of Ian this week, but he's had an eventful week as well.  It's renewal time for the Sounders, which has kept him busy.  Sunday we play the Timbers, which is our big rival and it's going to be an open stadium.  Over 60,000+ fans will be in attendance for the game.  Minus 3 who will be watching from home, because taking two small children to a game with over 60, 000 people is a bit much.  Go Sounders! 

Happy Friday friends!  I hope you're week has been great!  I'm going to try and go into the classroom today for an hour or so, but the rest of the day I'm spending with my two favorite kiddos and snuggling and watching movies.  Emma is sick, and I'm feeling under the weather, so movies in bed it is! 


Emma Goes to Daycare

I knew this day was coming. I kept talking to Emma about her going to school and how much fun she was going to have with her new friends.   Then the morning came...we were in a rush. I brought her to her class. She started crying, I started crying, and it was terrible.  I couldn't even talk about her being in daycare, because I was a mess.  I missed my girl.  

Even though she cried when I dropped her off, she did great!  Today, Ian dropped her off, which will be the normal from here on out, and she cried for a second and then went to the table for breakfast.  The girl loves her food.  Her teacher said normally kiddos have a tough 2nd day, because they know what to expect.  That wasn't the case of Emma!  They said she had a fantastic day, which makes me feel so much better.  Tomorrow and Friday she won't be staying the whole day, because I don't work either day, but I want her to go for a few hours to continue to get use to her new school., 

I got my class list today and I have 22 kiddos.  22!  I can't even wrap my head around the fact that the most I'll have is 28.  In AZ we had well over 30 and that was the norm. 22 is a dream.  Meet the Teacher is Thursday.  I can't wait to meet my kiddos and Max to meet his teacher and new classmates.  Fun times!!

I'm so proud of Max and Emma.  They are growing up so fast! 

Happy Tuesday friends! 


A Great Day

Yesterday was a big day in our household.  I went back to work, and more importantly Max turned FIVE! I felt really good in the morning.  No feeling like crying, which is always a good thing.  I got the kiddos ready and they were so excited to go to their friend's house.  I dropped them off, and I was still feeling good.  Max gave me a hug and kiss.  Emma gave me a hug and kiss.  Then as I'm talking to my friend I see Emma hang her head down and walk away sad.  Break my heart.  

I got to the school where my meeting were going to be all day, and all of a sudden it hit me.  I'm not going to be with my babies all day.  Emma was sad.  I'm a new person at the district.  I'm not going to know anyone at the meetings.  I don't even know where to go.  I called Ian and I started crying.  All the tears.. He gave me a pep talk, and off I went following the swarm of  new teachers into the building.

The kids had a great day.  I had a great day. 

We celebrated our boy.

We got him golf clubs, and we had to go right away to the park to try them out. 

He takes everything so seriously and his swing is one of them. 

Our little golfer!

Happy Friday friends!  I have another day of meetings.  Tomorrow I also have a day of meetings, which I'm actually looking forward to! I hope you have a great day and weekend! 


Max Turns 5

Birthday Survey in Max's Words
Favorite Food
Peanut butter and honey sandwich. (The boy could eat this for every meal.)
Favorite sport:
I like t-ball, because I can hit the ball far!
Favorite show:
Miles from Tomorrowland
Best Friend:
Favorite thing to learn right now:
Learning soccer moves at Sounders camp.  (This was back in June, and he's still talking about it!)
The thing i do most awesomely is:
Playing t-ball, because I can hit the ball really really hard. 
If I could go anywhere in the world:
Chuck E. Cheese (He thought about this for 2 seconds and said that, and then burst into laughter.)
Favorite color:
Yellow because it's the color of Pittsburgh Steelers. (Oh, his Daddy is going to be so proud!)
When I grow up I'm going to be...:
A Sounders player and score lots of goals. 
Current favorite song:
Dynamite (He danced to this song on Just Dance a million times, and when he hears it on the radio he'll yell, "It's my song!")
Favorite book:
The Hungry Caterpillar 
Three words that describe me:
Happy, silly and loving (I chose the last word)
My favorite season:
Spring because it rains and we can drink the water from the rain.  (LoLing)
Favorite snack:
Cereal bars, the strawberry kind! 
One food that I dislike:
Green beans because I don't think I'll like it because they are green.  It's why they call them green beans. 
If I had one wish it would be..:
I would wish for a pet.  A doggie!

Dear Max,
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  I can't believe you're FIVE!  This is going to be such an exciting year for you!  You start Kindergarten, and whole new chapter is about to begin.  I can't wait to see you in the hallways at school.  You are such a bright boy who loves to learn.  You are also a boy that loves sports.  All sports.  I can't wait to see what great things you do this year.  I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever. 

In case you wanted to read about Max all day....
Max's Birth Story


Day of Fun

Since I go back to work tomorrow, and today is my last day as being a stay at home mama, we had a Day of Fun.  We did all the things we love to do all in one day.  I wish I could have fit in time to play at the park, but it was a hot day!  

Our first stop for the day was at Emma's school.  We had to drop off her pull-ups, wipes, change of clothing, and swimsuit.  There are two Mondays left where they have water play for the kiddos.  Lucky girl gets to play in the water her first day.  She went to her room for awhile and met the teacher.  She went right to the toys and started playing.  I kept asking her if she was excited to come to school there, and she would smile and say, "Yeah, I cited Mommy!"  I don't know if it's the angle of the picture or what, but Emma and Max look the same size!

We went to see Minions, which I honestly thought would be better than it was.  I thought we were going to have the theater to ourselves, but a mom and two kiddos came in, and then when the movie first started I happen to turn around and there was a man sitting to the right, right behind us.  He made me uneasy the entire movie.  Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it, because I was stressed out with the guy, who had no kids, watching a kid movie, by himself. 

Waiting for our frozen yogurt dates to show up! 

Since it was our Day of Fun I thought we might as well go big.  They each had their own bowl of yogurt.  I let them choose their flavor and toppings.  They ate it up, and had fun with our friends.  Emma and L acted like they owned the place.  The sugar hit them right away, and I'm pretty sure they would have acted like toddler tornadoes if we let them.  

We had a late lunch of Chick-Fil-A, and it was so yummy.  We even got Ian something for later, because we missed him during our day.  We got home and ended our day with playing in the water.  

The kiddos have taken their bath, and we're about to read our library books.  It was the best day a mama could ask for.  As much as I'm going to like being back at work, I have to say I'm going to miss spending my days with Max and Emma.  These two.....I love them so much.  They make my days so much better.  Ian and I hit the baby jackpot with these two.  

Our Day of Fun was my Best Day Ever. 

Tomorrow my Max turns five.......



Our Weekend

This weekend was another great one!  Saturday we celebrated Max's 5th birthday at the Seattle Children's Museum.  His birthday isn't until the 20th, and I thought I had teacher training on the 22nd, so we had his birthday party early.  The museum has 3 different themed rooms.  He picked the circus room.  It has a wall of puzzles to play with and it was a hit with all the kids.  We had the room for 2 hours which was perfect for eating lunch, cupcakes, opening gifts, making a fish kite and then exploring the museum with friends.  

Max met his friends from preschool this past year, and I'm happy to say that I've become friends with the parents.  He gets to go to Kinder with two of his friends, and it makes my mama heart happy.  Our friends from Canada came down to celebrate.  Emma's bff, A, came with his Daddy.  Friends from Tacoma made their way up in terrible traffic to celebrate Max.  Amazing friends we have. 

Max had so much fun! 

Making a wish!

Their smiles...also notice how they are dressed alike.  #twins

We got Max this Baymax, and one of his friends got him the same toy! Two Baymaxs is always better than one.  Our sweet boy said one for him and one for Emma. 

Oh, just riding the bus with Emma.  

If he ever has to wear glasses, which he might because Ian and I are blind.  He totally pulls off the look!  They had an eye doctors office, and it was so insanely cute.  

Emma getting her shopping on.  Bread was the deal of the day and she had to take it all! 

Bob the Builder.  This kid.  I love him so much. 

We explored the museum for about an hour and a half.  He had such a great time.  I can't believe our boy will be 5 on Thursday.  The days are long, but the years are short.  So, so true. 

Sunday we watched the Sounders game from home.  They dominated the game and were victorious 4-0 over Orlando City.  Welcome back Oba!  I also went shopping for some work clothes.  Always not a fun time.  I'd rather shop for the kids.  I did walk away with two maxi shirts and 4 (sorry Ian) cardigans.   Ian isn't a fan of cardigans, but I heart them so much.  So much.  They were buy one get one for half off.  Only made sense to get 4.  

Today we went to my classroom for a few hours.  The kids took their backpacks full of toys and all they did was crawl under desks and run around like wild animals.  They are so wild.   Tomorrow I have a meeting that's a few hours, and my official first day is Thursday.  How the heck is it already here?!  Wednesday the kiddos and I are going to have a day of fun.  I just want to cry thinking about it.  I'm excited to get back to work, but equally sad to send Emma to daycare.  I'll get to see Max during the day.  I'm sending my kid to daycare so I can teach other peoples kids.  Guilt.  So much guilt. I just hope Emma loves it at her new school, as we call it.  I hope she makes friends and is happy.  I just want her to be happy.  Okay, I'm going to go cry now. 

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Friday Fun

Our day started off in my classroom, like every other day this week.  I put up my clip behavior chart on the white board with magnetic tape (the best tape ever) along with numbers.  I'm going to give my kiddos a number on the first day of school, that way when number 7 is on parent contact, outsiders don't know who number 7 is. I also realized the bottom two need to be switched.  I don't think Teacher Choice is worse than Parent Contact.....Oops.  I also got those snazzy looking baskets from the Dollar Tree.  I had to level out my class library, and wanted it to look more organized.  Then I just went organizing crazy. 

Then we went to get a haircut for the soon to be Birthday Boy and a trim for Emma's bangs. 

Ready for his party tomorrow! 

He requested Baymax cupcakes for his party. 

We also went to the dentist today for a teeth cleaning for Max.  He's had his teeth cleaned twice before.  This time around he was terrified.  I think going to the ER and then Children's Hospital did a number on him.  He was so freaked out they didn't floss or take x-rays of his teeth.  He was so ready to leave.  I felt so bad for him.  From what the dentist could see, he didn't have any cavities!  

Hope you have a great weekend!!  I can't wait for Max's party tomorrow and seeing friends!


One Year. 365 Days.

A year ago today, I found out our baby's heart wasn't beating anymore.  One year.  365 days.  It's crazy to think that one whole year has gone by.  There are moments when it feels like it literally just happened.  Then there are times when it feels like a life time ago.  I still get caught up in the "what might have beens".   When I see newborn babies, I still have an ache in my heart.

I remember when I found out I was pregnant with #3, I was overwhelmed.  I cried, because how was I going to handle THREE kids?! We would be outnumbered.  Oh did I cry.   How silly I was.  I still have the bump pictures that I had started taking, and I look at them every so often.  In those pictures, in those moments...it's happiness, and I don't want to forget how I felt in those pictures.

Now here I am one year later, and...I'm at a loss.  I think this day will always be hard for me.  I think I'm always going to wonder what life would have been like with our sweet spirit, and wonder why it had to happen.   I will say I do feel more at peace.  I feel more like myself again.  I remember thinking I was never going to get to this point.  I was never going to be okay.  Time does in fact heal.  I don't think I'll ever be the same Jennifer that I was before I had my miscarriage, but I'm healing, and the scar on my heart will always be there....and I'm okay with that.

This is a quote from our Ladies Book Club!!!  Love it!  "So Long to Insecurity" by Beth Moore....Proverbs 31 woman

There's one person that has helped me more than she will ever know.  She sent me these words, and it's my wallpaper on my phone.  Thank you, Nichole.  #amazingfriend  


A Look into My Class

When I got the key to my classroom yesterday, I was so giddy.  Then I walked into my classroom, and I couldn't get over how much storage is in the room.  So many cabinets!  The pictures I took don't show them at all, but once my room is 100% done, I'll definitely do a post on it.    For now here's a look at my bulletin boards that I managed to put up today.  

The teacher section at Target is on point.  The hanging file folders, No. 2 jar, pretty files on my desk , boarder and sticker letters are all from their section.  Heart eye emojis for it all.  I wanted to buy it all, I tell you! 

This calendar set I got from a teacher who was retiring from my old school.  The numbers all have Velcro on the back, and it's the most genius idea ever.  That lady was a thinker! 

Puzzle boarder is again from Target.  That Target knows it's way to my heart. 

I haven't arranged the desks, because I want them all lowed to the same height.  My class library will also go in this corner, but I have to level all my books, so that should be a fun project. 

One of my teammates took me to the supply closet today, and I was in shock.  It was like a candy store.  If I can, I'll totally try and take a picture to show you.  I couldn't believe everything they had, and it's all free for us to take!  Definitely different from AZ. 

Max and Emma love being in my room.  There are mini closets that are for the kiddos backpacks and they both sit in there and play their leap pad or use them as a goal to play soccer.  They run around like wild animals, and like they own the place.  

It's been a busy two days, and I'll probably go back a couple more times this week.  I would like my room to be completely done by next week.  That's when all the new teacher meetings start, and I don't want to have to worry about my room.  My bff, Leslie, made  me a classpack from LollyLand Designs, and I can't wait to finish decorating!   

Until next time. 


Our Weekend

This weekend has been one of the best weekends. Ever

Saturday started off bright and early for me because I had to take a test for my teaching license. I feel pretty good about the test.  Then we went downtown to have lunch with friends who came down from Alaska for the Taylor Swift concert. We ate a Copacabana in Pike's, and it was delicious. 

While walking around Pike's people wearing paper hats were handing out paper hats. I'm not sure why, but both Max and Emma were digging them. 

We went to the gum wall, and Kelsey had gum for us to chew and add to the awesomely gross wall. 

We took them to Alki Beach to see the Seattle skyline. 

That night we went to the Taylor Swift concert.  Ian had gotten me tickets for my birthday last year.  I was so excited!!  When we walked in people were passing out white bracelets and saying, "Here's a gift from Taylor!"  

During the show they lit up different colors.  It was so cool to look up into the seats and seeing a sea of color.  

Ian surprised me with floor seats!  We got there after Vance Joy set.  During the break before Taylor came out they show videos.  The making of 1989, and her talking about the songs.  Then she came out to singing Welcome to New York.  Amazing.

There was a catwalk that went down the center of the floor.  We were off to the left, and they were the best seats!  She spent most of her time on the catwalk right in front of us.  

She sang most of the songs from 1989 (if not all of them...it's a blur), and a handful of older songs.  Again, amazing.  

She brings out special guest performers at her shows.  I knew this was coming.  She kept saying "he" and I kept saying, "Please be Ed Sheeran! Please be Ed Sheeran!"  Then....she says, "Fetty Wap!" and I was like.....who?  He sings Trap Queen, which apparently I'm just not up to date with the hit songs.  

When she sings Bad Blood she brings out special guests towards the end of the song.  She brought out Ciara and Russel Wilson.  My pictures didn't turn out with them. Boo!  It was pretty cool though.  The crowd went crazy when she said Russel Wilson.  At that moment our bracelets lit up blue and green for Seahawk colors. 

Towards the end of the show the girl in front of me jumps out and hugs someone. I looked and it was Taylor's mom!  I told Ian, and he asked, "How do you know what Taylor's mom looks like?"  Umm...is he even a Swiftie?  The show ended, and I wanted to watch it again.  We've seen her twice before in AZ, and know she puts on a great show.  This show was by far her best.  

I signed up to run the Sounders race Sunday morning.  The day after the Taylor Swift concert.  Silly me.  I had gone to bed around 2:30, because I was so pumped up from the concert, I couldn't sleep!  We got the kiddos dressed up in Sounders gear.  Then I went to stretch before the race.  I turn to my right and Leo Gonzalez was right there!  He plays for the Sounders.  No one was even  noticing him.  I had a mini freak out and texted Ian.  

I kid you not the first 1.5 miles was a gradual uphill.  I was dead.  So dead.  Then it was all downhill from there.  I finished!  My legs were definitely feeling that hill afterwards.  I came home and took a much needed nap.

Best.  Weekend.  Ever.  

Today, I get the keys to my classroom!!  I'm excited!  Hope your weekends were great!  Happy Monday!

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Fox Hollow Farm Fun

Today we went to Fox Hollow Farm to see some baby piggies!  We've been to the farm twice before, but the kiddos had never gotten down and dirty, or petted the animals.  That all changed today.  When we first arrived I was surprised on how many people were there.  I guess we weren't the only ones who wanted to see the little piglets. 

Max and Emma were saying "Cheese!", and L wanted nothing to do with the picture. He wanted to see some animals.

The first thing we saw were bunnies!!  Emma was hunting her prey.  I had to keep reminding her to be gentle.  Then she saw an older girl pick up the bunny and she was determined to do the same thing.  Poor bunny. 

Baby billy goats.  Baby animals are just so cute.  Max and Emma stuck their fingers through the fence to pet them.  You could go inside with the billy goats, but I was good on the other side.  We used hand sanitizer a billion times while there.  Emma tried to give herself a full clean down with the stuff.  She learned that it did not taste good.  

Baby pigs! They were all napping, except one.  One was following it's mama around trying to eat.  They were the cutest little things.  Max and Emma kept "awwing" all over them and petting them. 

They also had a bouncy house the kiddos played in for a good while.  Emma managed to step in poop.  They played in a sand box, but instead of sand it was corn.  A corn box?  That lasted a few minutes, because I was kind of grossed out by it, and Emma threw a handful at Max.  

Fun times!  I've been really excited about going back to work.  Now that it's only a couple weeks away, I'm getting sad.  I dropped Emma's packet off at her "school", and I know she's going to do great, but I love spending my days with her.  Max's bff from AZ started Kinder today, and seeing her picture made me even more sad thinking about Max starting Kinder.  I'm just not quite ready.  My mama heart isn't ready.