A Look into My Class

When I got the key to my classroom yesterday, I was so giddy.  Then I walked into my classroom, and I couldn't get over how much storage is in the room.  So many cabinets!  The pictures I took don't show them at all, but once my room is 100% done, I'll definitely do a post on it.    For now here's a look at my bulletin boards that I managed to put up today.  

The teacher section at Target is on point.  The hanging file folders, No. 2 jar, pretty files on my desk , boarder and sticker letters are all from their section.  Heart eye emojis for it all.  I wanted to buy it all, I tell you! 

This calendar set I got from a teacher who was retiring from my old school.  The numbers all have Velcro on the back, and it's the most genius idea ever.  That lady was a thinker! 

Puzzle boarder is again from Target.  That Target knows it's way to my heart. 

I haven't arranged the desks, because I want them all lowed to the same height.  My class library will also go in this corner, but I have to level all my books, so that should be a fun project. 

One of my teammates took me to the supply closet today, and I was in shock.  It was like a candy store.  If I can, I'll totally try and take a picture to show you.  I couldn't believe everything they had, and it's all free for us to take!  Definitely different from AZ. 

Max and Emma love being in my room.  There are mini closets that are for the kiddos backpacks and they both sit in there and play their leap pad or use them as a goal to play soccer.  They run around like wild animals, and like they own the place.  

It's been a busy two days, and I'll probably go back a couple more times this week.  I would like my room to be completely done by next week.  That's when all the new teacher meetings start, and I don't want to have to worry about my room.  My bff, Leslie, made  me a classpack from LollyLand Designs, and I can't wait to finish decorating!   

Until next time. 


  1. It looks great! I felt so cool/important whenever I got to go to my dad's classroom when I was little (he was a professor at a community college, but he's now retired). I'm glad the supply closet is fully stocked--makes me feel good knowing that schools are getting at least some good funding!

    1. I hope Max feels cool! :) The supply room might be my favorite part of the whole school!