Day of Fun

Since I go back to work tomorrow, and today is my last day as being a stay at home mama, we had a Day of Fun.  We did all the things we love to do all in one day.  I wish I could have fit in time to play at the park, but it was a hot day!  

Our first stop for the day was at Emma's school.  We had to drop off her pull-ups, wipes, change of clothing, and swimsuit.  There are two Mondays left where they have water play for the kiddos.  Lucky girl gets to play in the water her first day.  She went to her room for awhile and met the teacher.  She went right to the toys and started playing.  I kept asking her if she was excited to come to school there, and she would smile and say, "Yeah, I cited Mommy!"  I don't know if it's the angle of the picture or what, but Emma and Max look the same size!

We went to see Minions, which I honestly thought would be better than it was.  I thought we were going to have the theater to ourselves, but a mom and two kiddos came in, and then when the movie first started I happen to turn around and there was a man sitting to the right, right behind us.  He made me uneasy the entire movie.  Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it, because I was stressed out with the guy, who had no kids, watching a kid movie, by himself. 

Waiting for our frozen yogurt dates to show up! 

Since it was our Day of Fun I thought we might as well go big.  They each had their own bowl of yogurt.  I let them choose their flavor and toppings.  They ate it up, and had fun with our friends.  Emma and L acted like they owned the place.  The sugar hit them right away, and I'm pretty sure they would have acted like toddler tornadoes if we let them.  

We had a late lunch of Chick-Fil-A, and it was so yummy.  We even got Ian something for later, because we missed him during our day.  We got home and ended our day with playing in the water.  

The kiddos have taken their bath, and we're about to read our library books.  It was the best day a mama could ask for.  As much as I'm going to like being back at work, I have to say I'm going to miss spending my days with Max and Emma.  These two.....I love them so much.  They make my days so much better.  Ian and I hit the baby jackpot with these two.  

Our Day of Fun was my Best Day Ever. 

Tomorrow my Max turns five.......



  1. Good luck at your first day tomorrow! This looks like an awesome day. :)

    1. Thanks!! It was a really great day!! I'm excited about the school year.