Friday Fun

Our day started off in my classroom, like every other day this week.  I put up my clip behavior chart on the white board with magnetic tape (the best tape ever) along with numbers.  I'm going to give my kiddos a number on the first day of school, that way when number 7 is on parent contact, outsiders don't know who number 7 is. I also realized the bottom two need to be switched.  I don't think Teacher Choice is worse than Parent Contact.....Oops.  I also got those snazzy looking baskets from the Dollar Tree.  I had to level out my class library, and wanted it to look more organized.  Then I just went organizing crazy. 

Then we went to get a haircut for the soon to be Birthday Boy and a trim for Emma's bangs. 

Ready for his party tomorrow! 

He requested Baymax cupcakes for his party. 

We also went to the dentist today for a teeth cleaning for Max.  He's had his teeth cleaned twice before.  This time around he was terrified.  I think going to the ER and then Children's Hospital did a number on him.  He was so freaked out they didn't floss or take x-rays of his teeth.  He was so ready to leave.  I felt so bad for him.  From what the dentist could see, he didn't have any cavities!  

Hope you have a great weekend!!  I can't wait for Max's party tomorrow and seeing friends!


  1. I love the Baymax cupcakes! That movie was sooo good! Happy birthday to Max, hope his party is great!

    1. Thank you!! We love that movie!