Our Weekend

This weekend was a hot one.  On Saturday I had taken the kiddos to the park, and they were the only kids on the playground.  We only lasted about 10 minutes because all the equipment was too hot.  Max thought it would be better to go home and play in the water.  I couldn't agree more!  So that's just what we did.  Then we settled into the house with all the fans on and pointing at us to watch the Sounders match.  Ouch.  It was hard to watch....

Emma wanted to spend her time using ninja moves on the water. 

Max wanted to be at the end of the rainbow. 

Sunday we went to the Seahawks training camp.  We had to park at The Landing, stand in this insanely long line to check in and then get on the buses to get to VMAC.  The line kept moving so it didn't feel like we were in line that long.  When we got to VMAC we were greeted by the SeaGals.  I'll give you one guess as to who enjoyed this picture most. 

Right before camp started a helicopter flew over us, and Emma freaked out with excitement. 

That's Russel Wilson in the red jersey up front.  The crowd would cheer anytime  one of the bigger guys came near the crowd.  Sherman was a crowd favorite. 

Good ole' Pete.  I bet he was killing a piece of gum. 

Emma saw Blitz and jumped up.  Then a song came on she liked and she started dancing.  

They both got Seahawks painted on them.  Max on his face and Emma on her arm.  

After about 45 minutes of watching them practice, we headed up to the top where they had a blowup thing for the kids to run through with a football.  We let Emma try, but she was scared and turned back around to get off.  Max made it through twice! 

Emma had more fun throwing herself into the side of the blowup thing. 

As we were leaving a guy gave them up mini footballs, and they were two happy kiddos!

We got home around, and I needed coffee.  I took this picture and Max and I had a good giggle over it. 

As I was making dinner we got a call from Ian's mom.  She said that her sister had heard on the news about an explosion going off at two different churches in Las Cruces.  I had a freak out moment and called my mom.  Holy Cross is where Ian and I got married.  It's also the church my Grandma goes to.  Thankfully no one was hurt at either church.  I don't understand why people do things like this.  Whether it's going to church, the movies, to school,  the mall....a place you wouldn't think something bad would happen.  It's a reality now.   It's not only scary, but sad.  

Well this took a turn for the serious.  I hope you had a great weekend! We were up early today.  I'm trying to get the kiddos into a bedtime/morning routine so they are use to it by the time school starts.  Okay, okay and so I'm use to it!  

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  1. What a fun weekend! That's horrible to hear about the churches. :( I hate it, sometimes if I'm ever somewhere where there's a big crowd (some sort of event) scary thoughts creep into my mind about what could happen... I don't want to live in fear of stuff like that! Ugh.

  2. Love the pictures from the training camp! How fun!

    1. Thank you! It was a fun time!

  3. Your little ones are so cute :) Looks like you guys had a great weekend
    Chelsea @thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/