Our Weekend

This weekend has been one of the best weekends. Ever

Saturday started off bright and early for me because I had to take a test for my teaching license. I feel pretty good about the test.  Then we went downtown to have lunch with friends who came down from Alaska for the Taylor Swift concert. We ate a Copacabana in Pike's, and it was delicious. 

While walking around Pike's people wearing paper hats were handing out paper hats. I'm not sure why, but both Max and Emma were digging them. 

We went to the gum wall, and Kelsey had gum for us to chew and add to the awesomely gross wall. 

We took them to Alki Beach to see the Seattle skyline. 

That night we went to the Taylor Swift concert.  Ian had gotten me tickets for my birthday last year.  I was so excited!!  When we walked in people were passing out white bracelets and saying, "Here's a gift from Taylor!"  

During the show they lit up different colors.  It was so cool to look up into the seats and seeing a sea of color.  

Ian surprised me with floor seats!  We got there after Vance Joy set.  During the break before Taylor came out they show videos.  The making of 1989, and her talking about the songs.  Then she came out to singing Welcome to New York.  Amazing.

There was a catwalk that went down the center of the floor.  We were off to the left, and they were the best seats!  She spent most of her time on the catwalk right in front of us.  

She sang most of the songs from 1989 (if not all of them...it's a blur), and a handful of older songs.  Again, amazing.  

She brings out special guest performers at her shows.  I knew this was coming.  She kept saying "he" and I kept saying, "Please be Ed Sheeran! Please be Ed Sheeran!"  Then....she says, "Fetty Wap!" and I was like.....who?  He sings Trap Queen, which apparently I'm just not up to date with the hit songs.  

When she sings Bad Blood she brings out special guests towards the end of the song.  She brought out Ciara and Russel Wilson.  My pictures didn't turn out with them. Boo!  It was pretty cool though.  The crowd went crazy when she said Russel Wilson.  At that moment our bracelets lit up blue and green for Seahawk colors. 

Towards the end of the show the girl in front of me jumps out and hugs someone. I looked and it was Taylor's mom!  I told Ian, and he asked, "How do you know what Taylor's mom looks like?"  Umm...is he even a Swiftie?  The show ended, and I wanted to watch it again.  We've seen her twice before in AZ, and know she puts on a great show.  This show was by far her best.  

I signed up to run the Sounders race Sunday morning.  The day after the Taylor Swift concert.  Silly me.  I had gone to bed around 2:30, because I was so pumped up from the concert, I couldn't sleep!  We got the kiddos dressed up in Sounders gear.  Then I went to stretch before the race.  I turn to my right and Leo Gonzalez was right there!  He plays for the Sounders.  No one was even  noticing him.  I had a mini freak out and texted Ian.  

I kid you not the first 1.5 miles was a gradual uphill.  I was dead.  So dead.  Then it was all downhill from there.  I finished!  My legs were definitely feeling that hill afterwards.  I came home and took a much needed nap.

Best.  Weekend.  Ever.  

Today, I get the keys to my classroom!!  I'm excited!  Hope your weekends were great!  Happy Monday!

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  1. Okay SERIOUSLY...BEST WEEKEND EVER! Ahhh so jealous. A billion of my FB friends were at the concert and posting pictures and I was just wishing I was there! And way to go running that race the morning after!

    1. Thanks! My legs are so sore today!