The Longest Day Ever

Thank you to all who texted, messaged, left comments on Instagram, and sent prayers, vibes and happy thoughts our way.  Yesterday was a  l  o  n  g  day.  Max had to stop eating the night before at 7, and stop drinking yesterday morning at 9.   By the time we  got to the hospital for our check in time of 11:45, my sweet boy was so hungry and thirsty.  He kept begging for just one goldfish or one drink.  When the surgery nurse called to tell me the check in time I asked how long everything would last.  He said total and hour and a half.  Let me tell you, he was mistaken.  They took us back at 11:45, but didn't take Max back for his procedure until 1:45.  Then we didn't get to go back to see him until almost 3.  We were going nuts by them.  We just wanted to see him and hold him.   

His procedure went well.  We got answers as to what was causing him to choke, so that was good.  The doctor gave us copies of his pictures, which were kinds cool but gross.  Thank goodness for all the Grey's Anatomy watching, so I wasn't too squeamish.  Of course I had to take pictures to document the day.

Max was ready for his procedure.  That smile went away when he and Ian went back to get started.... 

He had just put on his hospital gown.  It was a little big on him and he thought it was so funny to keep unsnapping the buttons.  He'd walk around the room and you could see his Big Hero 6 undies.  It was so cute.  He's so cute. 

I brought Emma along, because I thought it wasn't going to take long.  I had brought the leap pads for the kiddos to keep them entertained.  I also let them watch Netflix on my phone, but my battery was sicked dry and died.  Emma was not a happy camper and had her sassy moments with plenty of stomping and fist throwing.  L O N G E S T day. 

We did try and have fun. 

We didn't get home until after 6 because traffic was a nightmare, and by that time it had been 23 hours since Max had eaten anything.  His tummy hurt from the anesthesia, and he was groggy from it as well.  He spent the night wanting to be held, and went to bed early.  He woke up bright and early feeling super hungry and happy.  

It's going to be in the low 90s today, so I see sprinklers and popsicles in our future! Happy August friends!  The countdown to going back to work and more importantly Max's birthday begins!  19 days!


  1. I'm glad you got some answers and that Max is in good spirits today!