What A Week

What a week.  Monday and Tuesday I continued with my new teacher meetings.  Wednesday Max and I went into my classroom for a couple hours.  Yesterday I had meetings at my school and Meet the Teacher.  

Max was a great little helper and put handouts on my kiddos desks.  He made it into a race, because everything turns into a race with him. 

My kiddos got a Welcome Packet, their first homework assignment, and popcorn for "popping" in.  It got a laugh out of the parents, and the kids wanted to go home and make the popcorn.   I met 13 of my 22 students.  I forgot how tiny the kiddos are when the start 3rd grade. 

What a week Emma had.  Emma started at her school and every morning she cried when we dropped her off, but she would stop when she sat down at the table for breakfast.  The rest of the day her teachers said she was great.  Some of the things she did: played in water for water day, saw ponies (the older kids got pony rides!), did yoga, had story time with a librarian who comes in to read to the kiddos, sang songs, built tall block towers to knock them down, and came home with a cold. 

Max had a great week.  He's spending his days with his friend S. Her mama is awesome and is watching Max while I'm working.  S is going to Max's school and their classes are right next to each other.  Some things Max did this week: went to a park and had a picnic, played at the play place at McDonald's,  lounged out on beach chairs and pretended they were at the beach, went to the Y and did a tumble class,  and played so much that he came home exhausted each day.  

Last night Ian came to take to him to meet his teacher.  I was bummed that I didn't get to experience that with them, but we have his Kinder appointment with his teacher next week that I'll be able to go to, and he's just around the corner from me.  I can't tell you enough how happy I am that he gets to go to the school that I'm teaching at.  

I don't have any pictures of Ian this week, but he's had an eventful week as well.  It's renewal time for the Sounders, which has kept him busy.  Sunday we play the Timbers, which is our big rival and it's going to be an open stadium.  Over 60,000+ fans will be in attendance for the game.  Minus 3 who will be watching from home, because taking two small children to a game with over 60, 000 people is a bit much.  Go Sounders! 

Happy Friday friends!  I hope you're week has been great!  I'm going to try and go into the classroom today for an hour or so, but the rest of the day I'm spending with my two favorite kiddos and snuggling and watching movies.  Emma is sick, and I'm feeling under the weather, so movies in bed it is! 


  1. I love that Max goes to the school where you teach! That's great. Ian works for the Sounders?! I had no idea, I just thought you guys were big fans. :) That would be an awesome job!

    1. We definitely knew nothing about soccer before moving here, now we love it!