Life Lately

Happy Sunday friends!  Hope you are having a great, relaxing weekend.  Can you believe we're in the last few days of September?  Crazy!!

So I saw this Peanutize yourself going around Facebook, and I jumped on the Peanuts train and peanutized Max and Emma. 

Wednesday both Max and myself stayed home sick, and I stopped to see if he had any work that he could do at home.  His teacher gave me a flower he needed to color.  I told him he could use different colors, and he quickly informed me he was coloring a water flower.  Water flowers are blue. He looked at me with a look and his face was saying, "Duh Mommy."  When we brought it to school his teacher had a picture of him ready to be glued into the center.  Isn't he the cutest water flower ever?

We had Curriculum Night at our school this past week.  It was only for parents, so Ian stayed home with the kiddos.  I went to Max's and then I had my own presentation to do for my class. It was cute to walk into Max's class and see this folder.  I can see his name, but the other letters....I don't know what he's spelling!   I asked him later and he couldn't remember either.  He did draw three lollipops, and all those hearts.  Kinder sounds like a blast. He's going to have such a great year!

My presentation went really well.  Normally I get nervous talking in front of people, but once I started I totally got into this zone.  It was fun!  I had my kiddos write letters to their parents welcoming them into our class.  A couple parents wrote letters back to their child, which was super cute.   It was a long day though.  I didn't get home until 8, and I missed my loves!

I'm totally that parent who gets excited to see their kiddos work in the halls.  

Friday Max woke up, and let it be known that he wanted to stay with me.  Fridays are late starts for the kids, and I drop him off at his friend's house.  I then have to go to work at normal time and have meetings.  He was so sad, and just wanted to stay with me.  He broke my heart.  Dropping him off was hard.  I walked away shedding some tears.  He had tons of fun though making forts and waffles.  After school though we went on a Mommy and Max and date.  There's this cute little donut shop by our school.  The donuts were soooooooo delicious.  We had a little talk about his day, and it was really nice to spend time with my boy. 

Saturday I had to take a test for my teaching certification.  It's a test that once I pass I am considered highly qualified.  I passed!!!  On the way home I drove down by the lake, and the trees have already changed so much in just 3 days.  How pretty is all that color?

I love FALL!!

When I got home Emma girl came up to me and showed me her hands, arms, and nose.  She thinks markers are for coloring yourself, not paper.  When I asked what was on her she said, "Nuffing Mommy!" Silly girl. 

It was a little chilly out, but so beautiful.  We hit up the park like old times, and the kiddos had so much fun.  We even had a show of a squirrel chasing a guy.  It was so funny!  

This was right before she let go and fell.  She got up and gave a stare down to the swing, like it was the swings fault she fell.  


Such a fun way to end our day.  Both kiddos were out by 8:30.  Ian and I watched 48 Hours, and I have to say I don't like watching shows like that, because they scare me.  Dateline, forget it!  The old guy with white hair who does the voice overs while showing scenes has the creepiest voice!!  I always get suckered into the story though, and by the end Ian always laughs at me because I request we watch something a little more happy.  

Anyway, hope your Sunday is full of football and good food! Go Steelers! 


Hello Fall

Hello  Fall!  Hello first sickness for myself and Max.  We both stayed home today.  I had a stomach bug that I caught from a kiddo at school.  Max has the fever, chills, headache going on.  I'm feeling much better, and I think my boy is starting to feel a little better.  We both talked about how we missed being at school today, which I think says a lot about the school we're at! 

I had to go pick up some medicine for him, and we took the scenic route.  Isn't it beautiful??  I love this state.  

Over the weekend Ian went up to Vancouver to watch the Sounders.  The kiddos and I stayed home, and started off our day with Starbucks.  Hot chocolate for them, a PSL for me.  I have to say I enjoy pumpkin spice goodies.  Muffins, yes please.  Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies....definitely.  Pumpkin spice lattes...not so much.  I try every year to like them.  All the cool kids like them.  So I ordered one, and I actually liked it!! I'm more of a peppermint white chocolate mocha gal that I love to order during the Christmas season.  The sleeves were cute.  Max appreciated the Seahawk touch.  I would have much rather seen a Steelers jersey sleeve, but I don't think I'll find one in Seattle.  

We dropped Ian off at work, and this stop light is his favorite because you get a glimpse of the Space Needle.  Now it's one of my favorite views on our drive downtown. 

Emma girl had picture day last week.  I love this girl.  She is adjusting so well to daycare, and it makes me sooooooooooo happy.  She's such a happy girl in the morning, and she'll say. "I going to school Mommy!  I see my frands!" When I pick her up and she tells me about her day she'll say, "I play wiff my frands!  I play wiff my teacher!  I take a nap! I eat snack!"

This time of year is my favorite!  I love seeing the changes of the seasons, the holidays, the holiday activities, the food.  Such a great time.  We currently have Curious George Boo Fest playing on repeat in our house.  I can't wait for the night we watch Hocus Pocus.  

I hope you are having a great week!  Happy first day of Fall!! 


All Aboard!

Saturday we went to Snoqualmie Brewery and Toproom to watch the Sounders game with Emeral and her boys.  It's a family friendly place, and they have a chalkboard up so the kiddos can draw while the adults watch the game. Max, Emma and A had a good time drawing.   Before we went to the brewery I took the kiddos for a walk because we had gotten there early.  Downtown Snoqualmie Falls is so cute. I could have taken way more pictures than I did, but we had to get back to watch the game. 

Notice Max's scarf.  He was wanting to wear it like Sigi (the Sounder's head coach), and he was super serious about it.  

Train station!

"Woah! Look at that big train!" Every sign we passed he had  me read it to them. 

The kiddos loved this one, because there was a little seat they could sit on.  Max thought it was just for kids, because it was a little seat.  

These two were so excited with every train we saw.  The next was always a bit 
more exciting than the one they had just seen.

Pretty good Saturday if I do say so myself.  


Life Lately

Max's first week of Kinder is in the books, and he loves it!!  He is a happy camper every morning when we get to school.  He stays in my room until the bell and then I walk him to where he lines up.  The first day I did this, I couldn't stop "awwing".  He looked so cute in line, and he turned to me and asked if he could go stand with his friend.  Then he walked up to him and started talking.  So. Cute. 

I make his lunches in the morning and like to add a little love note.  The first day I left this picture on top of his lunch....
I asked him if he got my note after school, and he goes, "Oh, that note was from you?  I saw it but I didn't know who it was from.  I asked my teacher to read it to me, but I didn't know it was from you!"  I couldn't stop laughing.  I reminded him that I make his lunch every morning.  Who else would put a note in his lunchbox?  I still laugh just thinking about it.  The shock on his face.  

Everyday when he came home from school this week he told me he was on red.  I kept thinking that this couldn't be a good thing.  I have a behavior clip chart in my classroom, and red is at the very bottom.  Not good.  I kept asking him if he was being a good boy, or if he got in trouble.  Finally I had to ask his teacher (who is so amazing!) why he was on red, and she had a good laugh.  They were working on the color red for the week.  Nothing to do with behavior at all! 

When he brought it home he had to read it to us.  He had to draw red things in his book.  He drew a broken ladder.

Then he drew a fixed ladder.   He also had an apple, a half eaten apple, a pair of red shorts, and one picture that he explained as, "Ummm...I don't know what it is, but it's red!"

I had an eventful week!  My second week with my kiddos was just as great as the first.  I really love my class.  I can't say enough how amazing the school is that I work at.  I hit the jackpot!  On Wednesday night the Sounders had their first annual Wine and Canvas at The Ninety.   I went with my friend Lindsay, and we had so much fun! 

This is how the canvas looked when we first sat down. 

Isn't the Chihuly sculpture cool?  

I was being a creeper sneaking a picture of Stefan Frei.  He's the goalkeeper (goaltender, goalie??I don't ever remember the correct term for soccer) for the Sounders. 

My painting progression.

My masterpiece!

It's so crazy to walk in not knowing what you are doing.  Following the direction of the instructor, and then walking out with an awesome painting that you did! 

Such a great week we had!  AND football started!  The Steelers lost. Boo.  I have Tom Brady in my fantasy league though, so yay!   Speaking of league.  The League started on Wednesday!  It's the final season, which I'm so sad about because I absolutely love the show.  It's so funny!  

Well friends, I hope you have an amazing weekend!! 


Max's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the big day! I can't believe my sweet boy is in Kindergarten! It feels like we just brought him home from the hospital, and I blinked a few times and we're here on his first day of school.  Ian was the lucky one who dropped him off, because it was his first day, and I was in the classroom with my kiddos.  I didn't have time to sob it up, because I'had a classroom full of distractions!

I saw this back to school survey on Shay's blog, and thought it would be fun to do with Max. 

1. How old are you?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. What is your favorite food?
Peanut butter and honey sandwich
4. What is your favorite TV show?
Miles from Tomorrow Land
5. What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas because Santa Claus comes! 
6. What is your favorite thing to do with Mom?
Go to the park!
7. What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?
Go on a family walk!
8. What is your favorite thing to do with Emma?
Read books.
9. What are you most excited about this year in kindergarten?
Listening to books in the listening center. (He saw this at Lakeshore Learning Center)
10. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A Seattle Sounders player. 
11. What is your favorite movie?
Big Hero 6
12. What is your favorite toy/stuffed animal?
My Curious George. 
13. What is your favorite thing to wear?
My Sounders shirt.
14. Who are you going to marry when you grow up?
I don't want to do that. 
15. What are you going to name your kids when you grow up?
Ian for a boy, and David for a girl.

I picked him up after school and he was all smiles.  He said he had a great day, and is excited about going back tomorrow! 


Our Saturday

I think now that I'm back at work, I love soaking in family time on the weekends.  We've always done fun things as a family during the weekend, but now that I don't see my little loves 24/7, weekends just feel extra special. 

Ian came up with the idea to find the best waffles in Seattle.  To Google I went, because Google knows all.  The #1 spot was Sweet Iron.  Off we went on our adventure.   We got within a block of the place, and you could smell waffles.  We got to the place and you walk in, and it's small.  I'm talking like maybe 7 or 8 tables that sit two, but you squeeze in and fit as many people that you're with.  Your order your food, and then stand around and wait for a table to empty.  You don't wait for long, because people devour the yummy goodness and then give up their seats.  

I ordered the Nutella Waffle with bananas...I totally should have 
done strawberries. Next time for sure!

Ian ordered the Bruleed Banana Waffle with caramel and whipped cream.
Holy. Goodness. So insanely good. 

We got Max and Emma the Strawberries and Whipped Cream Waffle. 
They ate it up!

After eating up our waffles we went to REI.  I had never been in one, and let me tell you it's a fun place!  I think Max and Emma thought we were at a large play place.  They had so much fun running in and out of tents and trying out the cots. They even went kayaking. 

On our way to REI we drove around downtown and stopped 
at a light facing this sign.  Such a beautiful view. 

The Sounders had a game last night, and we got decked out in our Sounders gear and headed to the game.  Emma is wearing Max's clothes from when he was her age, and I was dying over the cuteness.  She was so ready for the game.  We got there about an half hour before the gates opened, but Max ended up falling asleep on the way, so I let him finish his nap.  Emma and I had a dance party.  Then it started to rain....and rain it did! Thankfully I had an umbrella in the car, so we didn't get too wet walking towards the gate. 

The cutest Sounders fan I've ever seen. 

The calm before the storm.

We were in a suite, which is always nice for the fact that Emma can run around wild. I thought she would get bored, and I brought the leap pad for her.  She was so into the game.  She was cheering, clapping, and yelling.  Max had a blast.  Oba scored a goal and Dempsey scored the game winner.  He was a happy camper.   Such a great game! 

Such a great Saturday. 


Life Lately

Today was the first day of school, and it couldn't have been more amazing. I have 22 kiddos, and I think they are going to be a great bunch!  I'm so exhausted though, but looking forward to tomorrow!

Life: So I painted Emma's fingers and toes for the first time, and she kept saying, "Oh, purddy Mommy!"  Then the nail polish came off, and she was beyond angry.  It caused the biggest meltdown, so we had to paint her nails again. 

The Sounders had a fan appreciation for those kiddos who went to Sounders Camp this summer.  The kiddos were able to watch them practice and get autographs.  They also did raffles.  Max won an autographed jersey with the team's autographs.  Lucky boy!  He got in the line that Oba was in for autographs, and was so excited because Oba is his favorite player.  When I picked him up that day, he couldn't stop talking about his day.  Every sentence ended with, "...and then!"

Today Max had his Kinder meeting with his teacher, who I love, and it went so great!  I'm so excited that he is at my school.  I think this year is going to be such an amazing experience for him. 

He had to draw a self portrait and write his name.  I was dying over the cuteness of his drawing.  He was so serious.  I love that he drew himself under a blue sky, and he's happy.  

Happy Wednesday!