All Aboard!

Saturday we went to Snoqualmie Brewery and Toproom to watch the Sounders game with Emeral and her boys.  It's a family friendly place, and they have a chalkboard up so the kiddos can draw while the adults watch the game. Max, Emma and A had a good time drawing.   Before we went to the brewery I took the kiddos for a walk because we had gotten there early.  Downtown Snoqualmie Falls is so cute. I could have taken way more pictures than I did, but we had to get back to watch the game. 

Notice Max's scarf.  He was wanting to wear it like Sigi (the Sounder's head coach), and he was super serious about it.  

Train station!

"Woah! Look at that big train!" Every sign we passed he had  me read it to them. 

The kiddos loved this one, because there was a little seat they could sit on.  Max thought it was just for kids, because it was a little seat.  

These two were so excited with every train we saw.  The next was always a bit 
more exciting than the one they had just seen.

Pretty good Saturday if I do say so myself.  


  1. I love that Max wanted to match Sigi with his scarf! So cute!!

    1. He makes me giggle. Wearing your scarf like Sigi is such serious business!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh we did!! I love checking out new areas in WA.