Hello Fall

Hello  Fall!  Hello first sickness for myself and Max.  We both stayed home today.  I had a stomach bug that I caught from a kiddo at school.  Max has the fever, chills, headache going on.  I'm feeling much better, and I think my boy is starting to feel a little better.  We both talked about how we missed being at school today, which I think says a lot about the school we're at! 

I had to go pick up some medicine for him, and we took the scenic route.  Isn't it beautiful??  I love this state.  

Over the weekend Ian went up to Vancouver to watch the Sounders.  The kiddos and I stayed home, and started off our day with Starbucks.  Hot chocolate for them, a PSL for me.  I have to say I enjoy pumpkin spice goodies.  Muffins, yes please.  Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies....definitely.  Pumpkin spice lattes...not so much.  I try every year to like them.  All the cool kids like them.  So I ordered one, and I actually liked it!! I'm more of a peppermint white chocolate mocha gal that I love to order during the Christmas season.  The sleeves were cute.  Max appreciated the Seahawk touch.  I would have much rather seen a Steelers jersey sleeve, but I don't think I'll find one in Seattle.  

We dropped Ian off at work, and this stop light is his favorite because you get a glimpse of the Space Needle.  Now it's one of my favorite views on our drive downtown. 

Emma girl had picture day last week.  I love this girl.  She is adjusting so well to daycare, and it makes me sooooooooooo happy.  She's such a happy girl in the morning, and she'll say. "I going to school Mommy!  I see my frands!" When I pick her up and she tells me about her day she'll say, "I play wiff my frands!  I play wiff my teacher!  I take a nap! I eat snack!"

This time of year is my favorite!  I love seeing the changes of the seasons, the holidays, the holiday activities, the food.  Such a great time.  We currently have Curious George Boo Fest playing on repeat in our house.  I can't wait for the night we watch Hocus Pocus.  

I hope you are having a great week!  Happy first day of Fall!! 


  1. Emma is too cute! I love me some peppermint white chocolate mochas in the winter! Can't wait to enjoy one of those in a red cup. :) I'm also anxiously awaiting the night we bust out Hocus Pocus!

    1. Oh the red cups! Yes!! Hocus Pocus is such a good movie. I always laugh when SJP character gets pushed onto the road.