Life Lately

Max's first week of Kinder is in the books, and he loves it!!  He is a happy camper every morning when we get to school.  He stays in my room until the bell and then I walk him to where he lines up.  The first day I did this, I couldn't stop "awwing".  He looked so cute in line, and he turned to me and asked if he could go stand with his friend.  Then he walked up to him and started talking.  So. Cute. 

I make his lunches in the morning and like to add a little love note.  The first day I left this picture on top of his lunch....
I asked him if he got my note after school, and he goes, "Oh, that note was from you?  I saw it but I didn't know who it was from.  I asked my teacher to read it to me, but I didn't know it was from you!"  I couldn't stop laughing.  I reminded him that I make his lunch every morning.  Who else would put a note in his lunchbox?  I still laugh just thinking about it.  The shock on his face.  

Everyday when he came home from school this week he told me he was on red.  I kept thinking that this couldn't be a good thing.  I have a behavior clip chart in my classroom, and red is at the very bottom.  Not good.  I kept asking him if he was being a good boy, or if he got in trouble.  Finally I had to ask his teacher (who is so amazing!) why he was on red, and she had a good laugh.  They were working on the color red for the week.  Nothing to do with behavior at all! 

When he brought it home he had to read it to us.  He had to draw red things in his book.  He drew a broken ladder.

Then he drew a fixed ladder.   He also had an apple, a half eaten apple, a pair of red shorts, and one picture that he explained as, "Ummm...I don't know what it is, but it's red!"

I had an eventful week!  My second week with my kiddos was just as great as the first.  I really love my class.  I can't say enough how amazing the school is that I work at.  I hit the jackpot!  On Wednesday night the Sounders had their first annual Wine and Canvas at The Ninety.   I went with my friend Lindsay, and we had so much fun! 

This is how the canvas looked when we first sat down. 

Isn't the Chihuly sculpture cool?  

I was being a creeper sneaking a picture of Stefan Frei.  He's the goalkeeper (goaltender, goalie??I don't ever remember the correct term for soccer) for the Sounders. 

My painting progression.

My masterpiece!

It's so crazy to walk in not knowing what you are doing.  Following the direction of the instructor, and then walking out with an awesome painting that you did! 

Such a great week we had!  AND football started!  The Steelers lost. Boo.  I have Tom Brady in my fantasy league though, so yay!   Speaking of league.  The League started on Wednesday!  It's the final season, which I'm so sad about because I absolutely love the show.  It's so funny!  

Well friends, I hope you have an amazing weekend!! 


  1. When you posted that picture of you and Lindsay on Instagram I was like, "What?! Cool!" because I read both your blogs but I had no idea you knew each other! Ohhh, you're a non-Seahawks fan in the Seattle area?? We are too! (Well, Michael is a huge Packers fan and I never really cared about football but became a fan for/through him!)

    1. We work together! That's how I was with the Steelers. I wanted to impress Ian, so I pretended to like sports. Now I love sports! Haha