Life Lately

Happy Sunday friends!  Hope you are having a great, relaxing weekend.  Can you believe we're in the last few days of September?  Crazy!!

So I saw this Peanutize yourself going around Facebook, and I jumped on the Peanuts train and peanutized Max and Emma. 

Wednesday both Max and myself stayed home sick, and I stopped to see if he had any work that he could do at home.  His teacher gave me a flower he needed to color.  I told him he could use different colors, and he quickly informed me he was coloring a water flower.  Water flowers are blue. He looked at me with a look and his face was saying, "Duh Mommy."  When we brought it to school his teacher had a picture of him ready to be glued into the center.  Isn't he the cutest water flower ever?

We had Curriculum Night at our school this past week.  It was only for parents, so Ian stayed home with the kiddos.  I went to Max's and then I had my own presentation to do for my class. It was cute to walk into Max's class and see this folder.  I can see his name, but the other letters....I don't know what he's spelling!   I asked him later and he couldn't remember either.  He did draw three lollipops, and all those hearts.  Kinder sounds like a blast. He's going to have such a great year!

My presentation went really well.  Normally I get nervous talking in front of people, but once I started I totally got into this zone.  It was fun!  I had my kiddos write letters to their parents welcoming them into our class.  A couple parents wrote letters back to their child, which was super cute.   It was a long day though.  I didn't get home until 8, and I missed my loves!

I'm totally that parent who gets excited to see their kiddos work in the halls.  

Friday Max woke up, and let it be known that he wanted to stay with me.  Fridays are late starts for the kids, and I drop him off at his friend's house.  I then have to go to work at normal time and have meetings.  He was so sad, and just wanted to stay with me.  He broke my heart.  Dropping him off was hard.  I walked away shedding some tears.  He had tons of fun though making forts and waffles.  After school though we went on a Mommy and Max and date.  There's this cute little donut shop by our school.  The donuts were soooooooo delicious.  We had a little talk about his day, and it was really nice to spend time with my boy. 

Saturday I had to take a test for my teaching certification.  It's a test that once I pass I am considered highly qualified.  I passed!!!  On the way home I drove down by the lake, and the trees have already changed so much in just 3 days.  How pretty is all that color?

I love FALL!!

When I got home Emma girl came up to me and showed me her hands, arms, and nose.  She thinks markers are for coloring yourself, not paper.  When I asked what was on her she said, "Nuffing Mommy!" Silly girl. 

It was a little chilly out, but so beautiful.  We hit up the park like old times, and the kiddos had so much fun.  We even had a show of a squirrel chasing a guy.  It was so funny!  

This was right before she let go and fell.  She got up and gave a stare down to the swing, like it was the swings fault she fell.  


Such a fun way to end our day.  Both kiddos were out by 8:30.  Ian and I watched 48 Hours, and I have to say I don't like watching shows like that, because they scare me.  Dateline, forget it!  The old guy with white hair who does the voice overs while showing scenes has the creepiest voice!!  I always get suckered into the story though, and by the end Ian always laughs at me because I request we watch something a little more happy.  

Anyway, hope your Sunday is full of football and good food! Go Steelers! 


  1. They are so cute. I love Emma's polka dotted coat! Congrats on passing your test! Yay!

    1. Thank you!! I wish some of Emma's clothes were in my size as well! Haha.

  2. It sounds like you're keeping busy!
    Congratulations on passing your test. That's exciting!
    Love the cute pictures of the kids and the pictures of the pretty trees.
    Have a great week!