Our Saturday

I think now that I'm back at work, I love soaking in family time on the weekends.  We've always done fun things as a family during the weekend, but now that I don't see my little loves 24/7, weekends just feel extra special. 

Ian came up with the idea to find the best waffles in Seattle.  To Google I went, because Google knows all.  The #1 spot was Sweet Iron.  Off we went on our adventure.   We got within a block of the place, and you could smell waffles.  We got to the place and you walk in, and it's small.  I'm talking like maybe 7 or 8 tables that sit two, but you squeeze in and fit as many people that you're with.  Your order your food, and then stand around and wait for a table to empty.  You don't wait for long, because people devour the yummy goodness and then give up their seats.  

I ordered the Nutella Waffle with bananas...I totally should have 
done strawberries. Next time for sure!

Ian ordered the Bruleed Banana Waffle with caramel and whipped cream.
Holy. Goodness. So insanely good. 

We got Max and Emma the Strawberries and Whipped Cream Waffle. 
They ate it up!

After eating up our waffles we went to REI.  I had never been in one, and let me tell you it's a fun place!  I think Max and Emma thought we were at a large play place.  They had so much fun running in and out of tents and trying out the cots. They even went kayaking. 

On our way to REI we drove around downtown and stopped 
at a light facing this sign.  Such a beautiful view. 

The Sounders had a game last night, and we got decked out in our Sounders gear and headed to the game.  Emma is wearing Max's clothes from when he was her age, and I was dying over the cuteness.  She was so ready for the game.  We got there about an half hour before the gates opened, but Max ended up falling asleep on the way, so I let him finish his nap.  Emma and I had a dance party.  Then it started to rain....and rain it did! Thankfully I had an umbrella in the car, so we didn't get too wet walking towards the gate. 

The cutest Sounders fan I've ever seen. 

The calm before the storm.

We were in a suite, which is always nice for the fact that Emma can run around wild. I thought she would get bored, and I brought the leap pad for her.  She was so into the game.  She was cheering, clapping, and yelling.  Max had a blast.  Oba scored a goal and Dempsey scored the game winner.  He was a happy camper.   Such a great game! 

Such a great Saturday. 


  1. I NEED to go to Sweet Iron! Yum! Sounds like a fun time at the Sounders game!

    1. You do!! It's soooooo good!