Is It Friday Yet?

What a week....I'm glad it's almost over.  It's been a rough one.  Even though it's been a rough week, I did have some favorite moments.

1. Look at that view.  The trees are getting prettier by the day!  Of course in a week or so the leaves will all fall and the trees will be bare, but for the time being....beautiful.

2. Target gave away a reusable bag that is so freaking cute.  If you have a RedCard you had to show your card at guest services, and they gave you a bag.  So. Cute.  I also saw this mug, and I had to have it. Give me all the cute mugs they have right now. 

3. At work, 3rd grade was in charge of decorating the entry way.  I found this idea on Pinterest and the team liked it.  I think it turned out pretty great!  It says, "We are each unique, but together we are a masterpiece."  Each 3rd grader decorated their hand that they traced and cut it out.  It was a fun activity for them to do. 

4. My Mighty Mug....I just love putting it on my desk and showing my students how it won't fall over.  I have 24 impressed kiddos. It never gets old!  Don't forget you have until the October 20th to enter HERE to win your very own.  You only have to enter your first name and email address.  Easy peasy. 

5.  THIS.  #TeamBen always and forever. 

Happy Friday Eve! 

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